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By ReturnEasy
Release Date: Jun 07, 2010
Categories: Customer support, Research & reporting
Make the return process an easy one with customizable return forms, policy terms, reports and quick ways to access buyers’ contact information – all within the simple management interface.
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Key features
1- easy RMA process 2- Customizable return form 3- customizable return policy 3- easy return management app 4- customizable report of returns 5- easy access to customers contact info 6- keeping record of returns 7- finding the most problem or defect with the items
ReturnEasy is a web base customer support application, it will help the sellers to manager their returns, provide easy way to customers to return their purchased items and track it, managing the returns and easy access to customers contact information. automated RMA system and much more, this application help the seller to control and manager all their returns, seller can download a customized returns report in order to be able to minimized their defect rates or to find their listing/products issues
Application requirements
Supported browsers:Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2 or later, Safari 2 or later, Google Chrome
Supported languages:English
Supported eBay
Required eBay subscriptions:
Application support
training Video free start up training Customer Support : 1-818-671-1264


This information is not available.
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by: Review created: Jan 28, 2016
Review:Had trouble activating app... It currently still says pending???

2 days passed, app status still pending
by: Review created: May 19, 2015
Review:I emailed to support and no response so far. status is pending in app management list for last 2 days.

Grammatical mess
by: Review created: Aug 21, 2014
Review:Within minutes of trying out this promising seller tool, I noticed enough spelling and grammar errors to make a 3rd grade school teacher cringe. Seller "rouls"? Really? It's spelled "rules". This is not the only error. They are on every page I looked at. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1, is because I didn't even give it the decency of an actual complete test, and it might have been a good app, but the misspellings are really amateurish. Unsubscribing immediately.

This App is a mess | DO NOT EVEN TRY IT!
by: Review created: Oct 16, 2012
4 of 4 people found this review helpful
Review:if you just try this app ONCE and you are done man. NO customer service and YOU CAN NOT even take it off your ebay listing. you have to do it one by one after you cancel this app.
what a pain is the A$$

Needs Improvement
by: Review created: May 04, 2012
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Review:As soon as I enrolled they went ahead and added their huge banner on all my active listings even before I had a chance to set it up on the backend now I have to manually remove this from my listings. They don?t have a messaging system integrated on ebay. You have to call or email. I enrolled because they have a lot of settings that could be useful for returns.

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Try this application for FREE till Aug 1st 2011, free training, and setup. Call 818-671-1264 for any question.
  • Silver Plan - $9.99 per month: 100 returns a month, each additional return over 100 = $0.10
  • Gold Plan - $19.99 per month includes: 300 returns a month, each additional return over 300 = $0.10
  • Platinum Plan - $49.99 per month includes: 1000 returns a month, each additional return over 1000 = $0.10
  • *Any usage during free trial period exceeding monthly pl