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Simple Inventory for eBay

By MTI Commerce Inc.  (released Feb 17, 2012)
Simple Inventory for eBay is an efficient Inventory and eBay Fees management tool which helps you optimize your eBay business workflows through efficient Inventory and eBay fees Management.
Categories: Inventory, Marketing & merchandising
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Key features

Inventory Management, Clear picture of eBay fees (listing fees, final value fees, PayPal fees and Shipping fees. Total cost of your current Inventory, Total retail Value of your current Inventory. Inventory Reports Including; General Inventory Report, Hot Seller report and Slow mover report.


Your biggest asset is your inventory. Knowing what is moving off the shelves, and what’s not, will make or break the profitability of your business. Simple Inventory for eBay, downloads all your listings upon subscribing. Gives you the ability to organize your inventory into departments, suppliers, etc. Daily sync, will automatically update and adjust your stock level. Simple Inventory for eBay also provides a clear business picture showing you the Total Number of Units on Hand, Total Value of Inventory, and the Total Selling Price of all your stock combined.

Additional resources

Simple Inventory Tutorial

Application requirements

Supported browsers:
Firefox, Internet Explorer
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

Free email Support

support@mtiretail.com Please include your eBay ID and the Application name which you need help with.