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Currency Converter

By 3Dsellers  (released Jan 24, 2011)
Embedded in your listing pages, "Currency Converter" lets your buyers calculate item prices and shipping rates in their local currency or in any foreign currency they desire. The calculation is online, accurate and quick.
Categories: Shipping & payments, Customer support
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Excellent quality
Excellent quality, 1st class service, thanks.
Created By: foodmarket
On: Jun 30, 2018

Created By: mahmccall
On: Jun 04, 2018

very awesome, this app make my big selling!
Created By: almaftuchin1
On: May 09, 2018

Excellent App
I love it and buyers will love it too. Excellent app. Thanks.
Created By: mmfairoze
On: Apr 16, 2018

Works great!
This app has worked from day one! I have had no problems with this app. Highly recommend!
Created By: mtmineralsandcrystals
On: Mar 01, 2018

Created By: susasvedjehe-0
On: Feb 02, 2018

Always works!
Have had no problems with this app. always present when needed
Created By: desertmodestyandmore
On: Jan 17, 2018

very usefull
thank you
Created By: emustaf
On: Jan 08, 2018

Very good app.
Created By: toomk67
On: Dec 02, 2017

eBay flagged most of my listings for having a non-compliant link and app didn't work!
The app didn't work and in order to remove the link, I had to edit 390 out of 508 listings to be in compliance with eBay's new policy of no outside links. Complete waste of time I really did't have time to spare!
Created By: stoneponies
On: Nov 21, 2017

Tons of options
Easy to use and tons of options for conversions!
Created By: jamer69-us
On: Oct 05, 2017

1400 listings non-complaint thanks to their app
Do not install this on your ebay store. You will have all listings go non-complaint with javascript. I called help desk at ebay and they confirmed that it is this company's apps. Why ebay has not pulled their app is a problem too.
Created By: laserprinterkits
On: Sep 11, 2017

not working
not working
Created By: mineral_care
On: Aug 16, 2017

Created By: detroit1370-8
On: Jul 27, 2017

It is useless
Can not solve anything
Created By: doxuathu0
On: Jul 08, 2017

Created By: hayaalmajid003539
On: Jun 26, 2017

liked it
sad that i have to unsubscribe do to ebay not allowing active content.
Created By: star61172
On: May 24, 2017

Great selling tool.
Customers in other countries want to know the price of things in their currency, this is an easy way to find out.
Created By: palomac2012
On: Feb 07, 2017

Never located in the correct place
Every time I make a new listing this converter is located 2 on top of my description or 2 on the bottom of my description or not there at all. I have changed my settings for only the bottom and it still gets put everywhere but there. The pricing is correct, I hope, but not the position.
Created By: msbnitski
On: Jan 16, 2017

This is the ONLY conversion site I will use because it is very user friendly.
I tell everyone about this site.
Created By: emmadanlu
On: Jan 05, 2017

Created By: foxwezforyou
On: Dec 09, 2016

the best
the best
Created By: slavigigov-bg
On: Dec 03, 2016

Easy to Set up and Use
We subscribed to this application. It was easily installed at our eBay account. It was very simple to setup. Now its active on our listings. It will help International Customer to see how much they have to pay for the item they will pay.
Created By: bargainseller2016
On: Nov 20, 2016

It states free yet charged me.
Created By: fashionsplusmorestuff
On: Nov 07, 2016

this app was good but lately has crashed my ads so I had to unsubscribe.. the bar is still at the bottom with a large play button over it... turned into a pain in the a$$
Created By: world_wide_united
On: Nov 01, 2016

easy view
easy using and useful.
Created By: panaddapj
On: Oct 20, 2016

good for international buyers
I'm getting into international selling and this help buyers abroad know what a product will cost them all in one place. NICE!
Created By: euricgarci_0
On: Oct 16, 2016

Good buying tool.
Very handy
Created By: blindjohn1933
On: Sep 18, 2016

Helpfull Ap.
Great tool for shipping and learning.
Created By: danieflahert_0
On: Sep 07, 2016

X-rates are not even close to accurate
Within a couple of days of installing your app, I had to "unsubscribe". The "official PayPal exchange rates" are so far from being accurate it's not even believable. Example: Today, one of my items with a British Pound x-rate (from USD) is £99.99, but the 'official PayPal exchange rate' shown to buyers is £81. A difference of over £18 is difference of over USD 24! (Your prices would bankrupt me.) And while the buyer would ultimately have to pay the actual exchange rate, they aren't very happy at seeing this actual price when it comes time to purchase, after seeing your app shows a much lower price. Irrespective of the rates shown being "official PayPal" rates, it's YOUR app, and it apparently doesn't work. What's really ridiculous is that Sterling hasn't traded at the displayed rate your app put on my site since Sept of 2014!
Created By: law_de_lauriston
On: Aug 31, 2016

I like that they convert the cost for buyer
Using the price converter my customers can see their actual cost.
Created By: molly170_0
On: Aug 19, 2016

Great option and it's free.
I recommend this for sure. You certainly can't beat the price=free.
Created By: pearliebeskin_0
On: Jul 31, 2016

Very considerate
I always get frustrated when I can't find a currency converter on others pages so now I am up to date
Created By: ghettofabulousfurnishings
On: Jul 09, 2016

It Works
The Currency Converter does what it is supposed to both quickly and accurately.What more can you ask for?Recommended to all sellers.
Created By: sailer247
On: Jun 16, 2016

Helpful to my international customers
Great app. More international buyer are coming to my store. Thanks from http://stores.ebay.com/exclsv90210-Fashion
Created By: exclsv90210
On: May 25, 2016

Super! Thank you!
Created By: hellomyfriends555
On: May 22, 2016

Best app
Amazing would recommend this to everyone
Created By: sandralove00
On: May 12, 2016

Great for all sellers
Created By: valuecity_electronics
On: May 02, 2016

This app make my description look professional
Created By: aundamunskyline
On: May 01, 2016

Created By: libero.ninacem
On: Apr 20, 2016

The Currency Converter app is a no brainer for those looking to expand their International business. Just pick 5 of the most popular currencies of your best customers and you are on your way. Less running for a calculator or wondering what the conversion rates are and more "POINTING, CLICKING and BIDDING/WINNING!" Thank you C/C software app developers and support staff!
Created By: theolddrumshop
On: Mar 21, 2016

Love it
Why is it unavailable? to me ?
Created By: adesignerrose
On: Mar 04, 2016

Inconsistently shows up on listings
The currency converter does not appear on all listings - this seems to be a random occurrence.
Created By: jolie713
On: Mar 01, 2016

Makes persishing items from other places much easier. No more guessing.
I would highly recommand anyone who buys in different parts of the world to use this tool. It has been a life saver for me in time and money.
Created By: southernbelle1858
On: Feb 20, 2016

very helpful app
Created By: armenstore
On: Jan 25, 2016

I like it.
Created By: store-307
On: Jan 05, 2016

Worked for a while and now it's leaving broken code all over my listings. Not cool. Done.
Created By: hotdealsforyou-com
On: Nov 29, 2015

Great for All.........
Again,great for all.....
Created By: joyc.kling
On: Nov 13, 2015

Does exactly what it says
it works fine.
Created By: billathomewilliam
On: Oct 18, 2015

I love it and it looks great on the page. very helpful to my international customer base.
Created By: platzaman
On: Oct 07, 2015

This app is AWESOME!
Makes it easy for other countries to understand the total price in their currency.
Created By: littleonesunlimited
On: Sep 28, 2015

Worldwide sales may not be the mainstay of my business but every sale helps and people who use different currencies, even if they immigrated to America but are more familiar with the currency of their birth country must enjoy being able to see the conversion rates. I also find it interesting to see the differences and feel that catering to different groups of peoples is one of the foundations of a good business. Thanks for the app!
Created By: exquisitesportstreasuresllc
On: Aug 07, 2015

Very informative and a great aid for both seller and buyer
Assists the foreign buyer in determining his costs when purchasing an item.
Created By: h-mtechsvc3211
On: Jul 06, 2015

Love It !
Love It !
Created By: kellertheseller
On: Jun 27, 2015

did not work
confusing and not working or hard to understand how it works
Created By: fromestates2u
On: Jun 14, 2015

great ap
worth getting
Created By: summitpointauto
On: Jun 04, 2015

initially attached to some listings but not all
Initially attached to some listings but not all and did not show up on new listings. It's apparent that over time it gets lost in the shuffle. Very unhappy.
Created By: kmcycle
On: May 20, 2015

doesnt activate
doesn't activate - doesn't work
Created By: manymany58
On: Apr 25, 2015

Created By: avec5150
On: Apr 21, 2015

Worked Great
This application worked great and allowed me to create what I needed the first time.
Created By: smtihmalco
On: Apr 19, 2015

Never installed this app to be used, but noticed that the converter was being added to my auctions without prior approval. I would try and remove the converter from my auctions, and the next day, it would automatically be included again. Completely SPAMMED the top of my listings with this converter!!!
Created By: virtual_odyssey
On: Apr 14, 2015

Nice app!
Really helps cut down on those emails asking for shipping fees before bidding! Thanks so much!
Created By: clcmasterworks
On: Mar 23, 2015

Let's you see currency for other countries
Created By: connoraubreeandryder*nana*
On: Mar 16, 2015

Great Tool!
Love this tool...helped all my sellers!
Created By: cliff3705
On: Mar 12, 2015

Stands out on my listing page to assist potential buyers!
Created By: clboard
On: Mar 06, 2015

Useful tool
Created By: edwi_mac
On: Feb 22, 2015

Love it! And so do my international customers.
I love that it makes it quick and easy for my international customers to decide if my item is in their budget.
Created By: gemsandtreasuresofgrace
On: Feb 05, 2015

All is fine.
I'm new to this business, everything is fine.
Created By: torija84-lv
On: Jan 30, 2015

Created By: markito2003
On: Jan 17, 2015

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
thanks on this
thanks on this
Created By: elpeacekaric
On: Dec 22, 2014

Great gadget
I've seen times I was going over all the internet looking to convert prices. This is so handy to have on my computer.
Created By: ibrn
On: Dec 22, 2014

More International Sales!
I have had many more international sales after installing this product. It is great to let international buyers know the price in their own currency, so they don't have to ask, because it is possible they do not speak English. I highly recommend adding this free program to all listings.
Created By: highstreet_boutique
On: Dec 16, 2014

Handy Curence Tool
I ship worldwide, its nice to have this currency converter available to help my International customers. I do wish there were more currencies available.
Created By: closeout_bliss
On: Dec 10, 2014

Great International marketing tool!
Use it to help your International customers convert to their currency.
Created By: jdsattictreasures
On: Nov 23, 2014

Created By: dr4r
On: Nov 11, 2014

Created By: 200905chevy
On: Oct 31, 2014

Great for my overseas customers. Thanks so much.
Created By: tat2wrap
On: Oct 27, 2014

Gives area's out side of the US an idea of what they will be paying with #'s they understand!
Great Program!!!
Created By: allies_jewels
On: Oct 24, 2014

Works great.
Great customer service, though it took me a while to figure out how to get this to work. You cancel and then reinstate and all works great. I think it stopped working as Good Til Canceled items ran out after the security bleach on Ebay and my password change. It seems like all started working like nothing ever happened now. I got fast responses to messages to the support staff.
Created By: dkkdolls
On: Oct 05, 2014

Error message every time I select the currencies
I tried several times to put the currency tab at the top but each time after selecting my currencies I received the same error message to go back and restart the App. This is the second app that does not work with my iMac.
Created By: brgns4evre1
On: Sep 08, 2014

I Had Many international customers1
Works great many different currencies to choose from, best of all its free.
Created By: rughostrider
On: Sep 02, 2014

ok! good
ok! good
Created By: konanshop
On: Aug 29, 2014

For me it really necessary application
Created By: stamps-haborcz
On: Aug 28, 2014

very good
very good
Created By: retromania_hfpx
On: Aug 26, 2014

Code problems with eBay
The code is stuck on my HTML making the page slow to load after I've cancelled the application - very annoying to go through every listing and erase.
Created By: recyclingethic
On: Aug 25, 2014

Great quick tool for buyers to see price they will pay in their own currency.
Great quick tool for buyers to see price they will pay in their own currency.
Created By: avalonian1976
On: Aug 23, 2014

Useful tool for international transactions.
Very useful application for international transactions. Sipmly choose five currencies and place them at the bottom of your listing. Customer can calculate quickly price in these five currencies so he/ she can deside to purchase without leaving page.
Created By: *ixion*
On: Aug 15, 2014

Not bad
Does what it says, just wish it was a little better looking
Created By: peralez
On: Aug 14, 2014

Love it
Created By: bigcountrywill0909
On: Jul 21, 2014

Great app
Created By: sellerpro79
On: Jul 02, 2014

Excellent tool for Ebay sellers!
The currency converter makes it so easy for foreign buyers to buy from you
Created By: mstuck1421
On: Jul 02, 2014

nice app
Ice Cream Moci Jalan Mochammad Ramdhan no 11 Bandung
Created By: anakbandungasli
On: Jun 24, 2014

Very good application.
It is very helpful and useful to get the right price in the local currencies.
Created By: snakee007
On: Jun 18, 2014

Innacurate rates, AVOID at any cost!
It will happen that your customer will see "the lower price" in the currency converter and keep asking you why they have to pay more. Very bad experience :(
Created By: vitacell
On: Jun 18, 2014

great support applications
This application of the knowledge of the price that has been exchanged for currency in accordance with that in the select. . . thank you this app is good, why only 5 currencies?
Created By: aloen07
On: Jun 15, 2014

I Love It!!
Created By: gioiia
On: May 28, 2014

cool apps
very east to instal and very nice to have.
Created By: shay_ovadia
On: May 09, 2014

It has it's ups and downs but overall a good app
When I change the price on my item the currency converter does not convert it, I am not sure how to change it, or if I can change it. Other than that I love this app it works nicely.
Created By: coolcman1
On: May 03, 2014

Money Exchange Made Easy
If you do ANY international shipping this is a must have program. And if you only ship within the USA, this is a must have program so anyone can calculate payments into their known currency.
Created By: seanfoxbell51
On: Apr 24, 2014

very helpful
help to bring more buyers.
Created By: 2110307
On: Apr 07, 2014

Great support love it!
Great support love it!
Created By: universalii
On: Apr 06, 2014

Does not work
I received this message when trying to start this app: "error has occure, please login again." No matter what I do I cannot get this to work for me.
Created By: vampbast
On: Apr 06, 2014

Thank God!!
Best App
Created By: collectibleandthings
On: Mar 31, 2014

You need this!
Just set this one up and let it do all the work - very useful app.
Created By: merchounds11
On: Feb 21, 2014