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Store Designer

By 3DSellers  (released Mar 08, 2013)
Design your eBay store with one of our ready-to-use design templates, customizable & 1-click setup! Sign up today and receive a FREE subscription to our Thank You Emails app!
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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Positive review must be written by developers
Not worth the $300 that I paid. Having a lot of IT issues. My listings are not correct and the links to my listings are never active. The links on my page are not active. When people click on any of my links they are taken to the same page. I signed up for a one-time fee of $300ish and have been charged extra each month in hidden fees. To my surprise 3D Seller has been taking the hidden fees from my friends account without consent. 3D seller is only supposed to have access to my PayPal account. 3D seller is using PayPal to access all active bank accounts that PayPal has/or once had access to. I can never reach customer support. Every time I try to seek assistance, I receive a message stating they will return tomorrow. The app looks great but does not operate/ function the way it is present to. Between the apps cost, hidden fees, customer support, listing errors, and link errors, I?ve lost hundreds of dollars. I've truly lost money since I started using the app.Not entrepreneur friendly
Created By: luckefind
On: Aug 19, 2018

Terrible Service my store has not been working for weeks
I have repeatedly asked them to fix categories. none of my products are showing in store categories
Created By: bellamysitint
On: Jul 30, 2018

App Actually Does What it Claims to Do!
Easy process of making your store leads you step by step in a manner for beginners or pros. Good app! Thank you
Created By: forsalebymichelle3990
On: Jun 05, 2018

App was ok not what I wanted
After subscribing and decided it wasn't what I wanted for the money, I unsubscribed and now my original ebay store is gone. I need help getting my original ebay store back.
Created By: cjinid56
On: Apr 15, 2018

love program - would love to see a sort for items that are on sale and for items that have free shpg
Please add on teh storefront the options for sorting by free shipping and also for buyers to be able to sort items that are on sale (or feature items on sale).
Created By: cornerstonegallery
On: Mar 05, 2018

Love my new store design!!!
Great design. Love it. Only two small things I would like to see: 1. Show that Item on Sale. 2 Show that Item has FREE Shipping. So I am 99% happy .
Created By: nycmodaboutique
On: Mar 02, 2018

nice shell, but very confusing, having two products
service was one email every 48 hours. It looks like an okay product, but somehow I got signed up for both their "Store Designer" and their "Webstore," and did not even know I had two products, and nobody to fix it. Confusing, 48 hour turnaround on support, had to leave. I think it has promise, but if you cannot get it right in a week, then I lose attention.
Created By: riverbend_classics
On: Jan 17, 2018

Error has occurred,please try to subscribe again. If the problem reoccurs contact us at support@3ds
Error has occurred,please try to subscribe again. If the problem reoccurs contact us at support@3dsellers.com
Created By: reyes-shop
On: Jan 13, 2018

nice job
Created By: cot-26
On: Dec 27, 2017

Love it
Works great!
Created By: auctiontradingco
On: Nov 09, 2017

On Trial for 1 month!
Beautiful templates and I love the way it looks. However, I can't say my views have increased, but at least when buyers do find me, they will have an enjoyable experience, I hope!
Created By: fizzlebox
On: Oct 15, 2017

Zero customer service available.
Zero customer service available. Questions are not answered.
Created By: burningriverbuys
On: Jul 22, 2017

Could not load App onto eBay and replace older App
After repeated failed tries of loading their app onto eBay, contacted customer support numerous times and requested their assistants, to no avail. The best they did was to send a link for a video to explain what to do. Even eBay customer service who tried to help said there was a problem with their App.
Created By: especiallyforhim
On: Jul 15, 2017

Excellent Designs Best In App Market! Great Customer Service!
Easy app! And if you need help there is someone there to get back to you promptly!
Created By: nostalgiadenantiques
On: Dec 08, 2016

Made my Store Look very Professional on eBay!
Very easy to use. Looks very professional. Only downside is there needs to be more Templates to choose from.
Created By: the_antique_archives
On: Aug 14, 2016

Loved, easy to setting up and we can do modification at anytime.
Created By: vieiracoins
On: Apr 22, 2016

You have definitely increased my sales.. And it's so easy to use. Love it. Thanks!
Created By: lifelinepcrepairs_sales
On: Jan 20, 2016

Love it!
Just a great way to showcase your eBay store. Love the layouts and the compliments I have received on it already.
Created By: hayas-designs
On: Jan 06, 2016

it isnt working better not be charged
doesnt work froze up
Created By: boogybear74
On: May 21, 2015

Like the layouts but nothing is loading fast, would be frustrating for potential customers
Not too pleased with the slow loading but the pages are very nice.
Created By: excelladmin
On: Feb 25, 2015

Perfect App for Ebay Stores!
We love your app!! It gives us the professional look and feel we need for our store!! One of the best features is the customized email the app sends automatically when someone wins the auction! Seriously professional and perfect for a great price. The set up is easy and virtually automatic.... So great we even pointed our web address to go directly to our eBay store!! WHO NEEDS A WEBSITE WHEN YOU HAVE STORE DESIGNER?????? Thank you!!
Created By: www-sweetheartdeals-com
On: Feb 17, 2015

Perfect Extra Nice Looking Store Front and Easy Customer Contact Us Link without any Hassle or much
Perfect Extra Nice Looking Store Front and Easy Customer Contact Us Link without any Hassle or much work. no Knowledge needed whatsoever simply keep your customer in mind. Most of all, cheap and will fit the budget for starting intermediate and advanced sellers
Created By: bdbargains97
On: Jan 27, 2015

Great product love it!
Great product love it!
Created By: haldanecreations
On: Oct 04, 2014

So Excited
I'm so happy with my new looking ebay shop, it's so easy to set the store, just clicking on a few buttons and like a magic my store looks professional as if I paid hundreds of dollars... :)))
Created By: celebritee2014
On: Aug 05, 2014

This was so easy to set up! Literally one click and my new design was live! I highly recommend this if your are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to redesign your ebay store.
Created By: mariothriftstore
On: Aug 05, 2014

I tried everything it said to do with reverting to the old store etc and following the directions, and I still couldn't get this to work correctly. Then every time I went out and logged off to see if when I logged back into ebay maybe it would work, my text would be gone and my billboard/banner. The only thing it would save was the logo. A waste of my time.
Created By: niftynikkisdeals
On: Aug 05, 2014

Really happy with my new design!
This solution is great, you can choose a template for your store AND customize your design by adding widgets and a header. Thank you Store Designer for my store redesign!
Created By: thrilling_thea
On: Jul 08, 2014

nad service
Support board does not help. I left a question and paid still say error massages. They have no way of contacting them with a problem except the board has no phone numbers or live chat. When you ask a question. You go back to check it and your question is gone. Or atleast that is where I am at.
Created By: harrdirectsales
On: Jul 02, 2014

so sorry
I left the wrong review for this program... so sorry, this program is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone!
Created By: digitalfinds2014
On: May 22, 2014

Best Site Around
Extremely Happy and Will Always Refer to my Friends!
Created By: worldclassplayingcards
On: May 21, 2014

Great support love it!
Great support love it!
Created By: universalii
On: Apr 06, 2014

I love it
It is professional looking and easy to use.
Created By: 111pennylane
On: Dec 21, 2013

So easy
never knew it would be so easy to set up a design for my ebay store! it was really up in seconds!
Created By: kmaxwanted
On: Oct 07, 2013

Great product and great customer support
Store created looks very nice, has a good working search and is easy to use/navigateThanks
Created By: robertomejiayahoo
On: Aug 16, 2013

Wow! Looks good!
Much much better than the regular eBay design. One click setup and free trial makes it a no-brainer!
Created By: jonahjeans
On: Aug 14, 2013

Love it very Professional and easy
Like the templates, looks impressive and professional. Very easy setup!!
Created By: southernswapshop
On: Aug 14, 2013

Love the new designs!
Great professional looks to your eBay store
Created By: sipurrr
On: Aug 13, 2013

Caution! Only use this app if you have never done any customization!!
I spent weeks customizing my own store. I saw this app and thought it might make it even better. I tried it and it made it worse. So I ended the trial just to find out that all my original work had been deleted! There was no way to retrieve my original store!! This app is only good for those who have a fresh store and have done NO customization. And quit frankly you can do the same thing this app does in the eBay store designer.
Created By: antiques4everyone
On: Jun 10, 2013

VERY dissapointed!! .
Many of my products were partially cut off, making them look very strange. When I emailed the company they replied quickly, and VERY briefly, with "It's fixed". Well, it appeared the same to me. My sales have dropped dramatically. Besides all that, the old eBay header is still up on top of the new app - unprofessional looking! Not the friendliest people to deal with, makes this a bad experience for me... Donna
Created By: agentlertime2
On: May 27, 2013

Nice, Simple, No effort
Great product and great customer support. Like the look of the store and the new design!
Created By: info.avi2
On: May 13, 2013

Terrible Customer Service
I am in business and can't wait a week for a response for simple questions. Pretty glitchy code as well.
Created By: thegamefrenzy
On: May 09, 2013

I like the app
I like the app
Created By: 508mab
On: Apr 12, 2013

Attention Ebat Store Owners
This is a great product. It made my store look great. I highly recommand this product to store owners. It has a sharp lay out added to your store. And the support team gets back to you fast.
Created By: harrdirect28385
On: Mar 10, 2013

It's made my store looks very beautiful!
Created By: onlinesellings
On: Mar 08, 2013