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By 3Dsellers  (released Aug 02, 2011)
Create a catalog of your eBay items with this easy to use app. "PDF Catalog" embeds your eBay items in a designed pdf file, so you can present your store goods to potential and existing customers.
Categories: Inventory, Marketing & merchandising
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Created By: dothuy
On: Jul 16, 2018

Having a tool like this will give me something I will be able to print and mail out to all my buyers
Having a tool like this will give me something I will be able to print and mail out to all my buyers keeping them informed of new products being listed. For me this is a tool that will exploded my business with little or no effort. For every thank you letter being mail out my clients will get something to look at and having them coming back for more. This is a wonderful tool that I have personal been looking for to excel the deployment of my business to a new level and I will be using it for many years to come.
Created By: dmcsupermall.weship2u
On: Jul 15, 2018

Awesome app
Created By: lonestar_17
On: Jun 16, 2018

Not enough user friendly options
Not enough user friendly options
Created By: ldymasnewandpreowned
On: May 30, 2018

Created By: sodapop7810
On: May 05, 2018

This is a very nice feature to have when selling
However, in order to be successful this app needs to be able to update itself on the fly. If every time you make a change on eBay you have to go back into the app and create a new page waiting 15 mins for it to be created, it's not worth my having. The app really needs to hook into eBay and create the pages on the fly as items are added or updated. The link to use to get to the catalog is perfect
Created By: rinkenberm3
On: Apr 14, 2018

Love this app!
The Thank You notes are awesome! Such a great way to show your appreciation to your customers.
Created By: gagirl30161
On: Apr 08, 2018

Pretty Cool
Very easy to Use. Looks very Professional!
Created By: maidenpa
On: Mar 06, 2018

Created By: susasvedjehe-0
On: Feb 02, 2018

Catalog can be easily done!
I was introduced by a friend of ebay seller. For example, just by pasting the URL of the catalog of your shop to the mail sent to the buyer, the sales are different. This is a wonderful effect.
Created By: seabouz0701-1
On: Jan 24, 2018

Love the vibrant color catalog
Created By: slingapple
On: Jan 17, 2018

just love this app
great for visual listing references.
Created By: capecodfireplace
On: Jan 16, 2018

LOVE this app - it has helped with increasing sales with Thank You emails
Not only am I am able to create a PDF catalog either to view online or a printable version, there are templates for the catalogs with the pay version. Also, the thank you emails are AMAZING and have really assisted with branding and promoting
Created By: holtonhobbyhaven
On: Jan 12, 2018

Creates a very handy .pdf catalog of your eBay listings!
I can make a .pdf catalog to display all my listings for presentation on a tablet in locations that do not have Wi-Fi or cellphone signals.
Created By: kimds0691
On: Dec 10, 2017

Update to review
After the problems accessing the catalog I was told the problem was with ebay. The main catalog now works fine, thank you. If the catalog for one at a time would be fixed they should get a five star. They are working on that part to fix it. Thank you.
Created By: mikep2391
On: Dec 04, 2017

Would not work
Did everything it told me to but whenI got the email that it was ready I clicked on the site and it did not work. Period
Created By: rckymttaz
On: Nov 22, 2017

Execellent App
The support is awesome, very reliable, it is very useful, and very easy to use.
Created By: rkoolstuff17
On: Oct 27, 2017

Works Well
This is nice but downfall is you cannot pick the order of catalog
Created By: 1022racerifle
On: Oct 26, 2017

Very good tool.
Created By: zorozostore
On: Oct 19, 2017

error after error, awful
worked once, then it said my domain name wasnt registered, lol! Went to website where they clearly advertise "24/7 customer support", so I called.....after business hours, lol...BUT i can call back on Monday, only 40 hours away. awful
Created By: freshazfunk_llc
On: Oct 15, 2017

Good but I can not pick the items I want to display
Good but I can not pick the items I want to display
Created By: fga_products
On: Aug 20, 2017

I have used this on my other ebay store and I love it, thanks again
i will enjoy using this app
Created By: patsmorri4
On: Aug 11, 2017

User Friendly
Very easy to use and create catalogs of your auction items. Great product!!
Created By: 580importsncollectibles
On: Aug 10, 2017

Easy app.
Iam new on ebay and this kind of ebayapp for free is a great help yo start selling on ebay. I already send all my friends on whatupp my catalog.In the 1.day I started selling my products.
Created By: dom.rep056
On: Aug 01, 2017

Great and thorough application
I love the PDF catalog app. It gives you an at a glance view of all of your offerings in one place. Although you can do this by scrolling through your listings, in my opinion, it allows you to look at your items in a better light and as if you are looking at a catalog you get from an actual store. I love the option to pick the format in which you want your items displayed and the speed at which the items are compiled into one catalog. It frees up time to allocate to other tasks and also compiles your items into a single catalog that you can send to others and save them the time of having to search for, or find them on a website. I highly recommend this app!
Created By: timelesssimplicities
On: Jul 29, 2017

untill naw i disused the applicatioj
Created By: shebakhour0
On: Jul 20, 2017

Much easy
It is simple and easy to use. I like this app!
Created By: arkomali_company
On: Jun 26, 2017

does no work in my shop
does no work in my shop
Created By: dadleaveus
On: May 17, 2017

Love this app
Love how easy and user friendly this app is
Created By: c.e.a87
On: Mar 03, 2017

Great app. easy to use
Very easy to use. Produced a good looking catalog of all my listings. Was surprised at how quickly the program processed my listings. Thanks
Created By: bng5591
On: Jan 28, 2017

The prefect tool.
this is a prefect tool to have. It will save lots of time and energy.
Created By: null
On: Jan 26, 2017

This is an excellent app to get me organized and know what I have
Love using this app
Created By: renelafat-0
On: Jan 16, 2017

easy to use; very useful.
Created By: brassdogsornaments
On: Jan 15, 2017

Got More Than I Bargained For...
Signed up for .pdf catalog, and discovered the app developer was sending spam marketing emails to my customers as part of their "thankyouemails" app which I did not subscribe to. Developer is doing what they want with seller's information. Oh, and your thank you email featuring my listings put garbage characters in the listing titles.
Created By: 2knox2
On: Dec 22, 2016

Excellent products and Free
It is a great product and i have a great experience to see my Catalog in PDF file. The amazing think is that, it is FREE.
Created By: sheisadd
On: Dec 10, 2016

worked for me
Created By: doekna50
On: Nov 25, 2016

Great app THANKS!!! very useful
Easy to use and great for sending out your products in catalog form.
Created By: opencess4
On: Nov 14, 2016

Awesome thanks for helping with this very useful app for sellers
Created By: brandopierc-63
On: Oct 21, 2016

application was very fast and easy to set up
Created By: twiztidautoparts
On: Sep 30, 2016

nive and helpful
helpfu;l putting catalog together
Created By: soaringsportsny
On: Sep 11, 2016

Nice Catalog!
shows your products in one easy file!
Created By: redlipsstudio
On: Aug 31, 2016

Best app yet
This makes selling so easy
Created By: thisnthat-herenthere
On: Aug 26, 2016

If You Sell Colorful Items Then This App Is For You
Imagine having all of your products made into a book in order buy how they appear on ebay! While you are busy working someone else can do that for you and guess what, IT"S FREE!!! I just loved this and mine was small but it gave me a chance to show everyone what I was doing!! Love it!!!! You will love it too!! Try it!!
Created By: missmcduffstuff01
On: Aug 19, 2016

Great !
Great Experience !
Created By: multiservicios-halcon-0
On: Aug 17, 2016

I click on PDF Catalog and there is a listing of everything I have on my computer. It sure saves the hassle of searching through files and folders for what I want.
Created By: lindalou4402
On: Aug 05, 2016

Great option and it's free.
I recommend this for sure. You certainly can't beat the price=free.
Created By: pearliebeskin_0
On: Jul 31, 2016

Excellent source for sellers
This catalog is user friendly and provides an easier link to market your products. Also the automated email system saves you a lot of time. I highly recommend this app.
Created By: jowy1232zq
On: Jul 10, 2016

Created By: babydollscenter
On: Jun 26, 2016

Get it for free and print out your catalog. I save it
I think this is a smartest, coolest, and nicest thing that we have free catalog. I save
Created By: craftmentouch
On: Jun 14, 2016

SO far I have been able to send a catalog to every buyer as they are received with updated products
that we have to offer...
Created By: mde.423
On: Jun 08, 2016

Great App !!
Created my first Catalogue in minutes,worked fast and easy
Created By: gpofgpe
On: Apr 12, 2016

Great for cross-selling
I have the free version. But I am satisfied with how the catalog is laid out. I usually send a print out of one page attached to the reverse side of my shipping invoice. Great low cost way to give customers an idea of what else is available in my store.
Created By: melody1001
On: Mar 17, 2016

Watch Out, 3dSellers might enroll you in their other products without your knowledge.
If it weren't for a customer forwarding an email while asking a post-sale question, I would have had no idea it happened. 3dSellers enrolled me in their "Thank You Emails" program, and were sending unauthorized communications to my customers post-sale. I had no knowledge (or control) of these post sale emails. After contacting 3dSellers, they sent me a link to the 'dashboard' where I could control what emails they sent. I immediately opted out of all of them and closed my PDFCatalog account.
Created By: revolutionmachinesllc
On: Feb 28, 2016

simple for customers to see all of your items instead of scrolling around
simple for customers to see all of your items instead of scrolling around
Created By: world_wide_united
On: Feb 18, 2016

Awesome, I can carry my selling items with me with this application, thanking you in advance. ...;-)
On my way to using it and looking forward to showing my PDF catalog but just downloaded it so you'll be hearing from me. ...;-)~
Created By: colloidalsilvergirls
On: Feb 06, 2016

Thank you
At last a program easy to use that lets me know exactly what I have in stock and listed
Created By: landoleo
On: Feb 05, 2016

Too simple and nothing special.
*Free Version* There is not much to this app that makes it really worth downloading. Yes it creates a most recent catalog of your items, but looks like with every change you make, you have to DL a new version. Also, there is no way to alphabetize your items or categorize them in anyway, which really what's the point then. I sell books so for me these options would make it worth it. The free version, at least for me, was in color, so that's something.
Created By: dogearedbook
On: Nov 24, 2015

Catalog will not open; no response from Support
Have created my catalog twice and tried opening with two different PDF readers, and I continually get the message that the catalog is either not in .pdf format or corrupt. I am therefore deactivating.
Created By: delilahrenee
On: Oct 31, 2015

kept saying failed to load
nothing came up, useless app
Created By: jtaber
On: Oct 28, 2015

good aplication!! :)
good aplication!! :)
Created By: buy_it_ido_tamir
On: Sep 10, 2015

Created By: paithoon365
On: Aug 31, 2015

great app
great app
Created By: aishaswatt504
On: Aug 31, 2015

this is worthless does not even let you choose how many per page or even show the whole title
this could be a good application... but it just isnt... seriously 8 images per page? No choice of how they are sorted, how many per page, worthless. i want my money back.
Created By: wangs_bridal
On: Aug 22, 2015

nothibg came up
Created By: mzkueen71*2010
On: Aug 05, 2015

Pretty Good
This app. is easy too uses and very helpful.
Created By: ban9934.rjlchdr2j
On: Jul 14, 2015

A very useful tool!
A very useful tool!
Created By: ilkasat
On: Jul 04, 2015

Great App
Created By: maraperr
On: Jun 17, 2015

No way to get help
The FAQs in the support section don't help. There is no way to get support when things aren't working. Kinda sucks.
Created By: mygo0dgraces
On: May 09, 2015

A beautiful display of your listings with a professional touch. A great product if you have a need.
While beautiful I am not sure it is very useful. Very easy to obtain but does require updating prior to downloading.
Created By: bbful62
On: May 02, 2015

Super Helpful
Thanks ebay for providing such helpful and easy to use applications!! Way To Go!!
Created By: badwitch70
On: Apr 15, 2015

Did not like App
App not for me
Created By: tesasabba
On: Apr 13, 2015

Not much of a catalog in the free version...
To make things clear ... In the free version you get only a basic gallery consisting of titles and main Item pictures (15 items per page lol). Thats it. No additional pictures, no layout options, no category selection or filter, no description and no prices. Maybe there are those options in "upgraded" version but I was insulted by the lack of content in this "free" version and didn't want to spend a cent. Don't bother with installing this if you are not willing to risk some $.
Created By: sabulj
On: Apr 11, 2015

cant use it
doesn't recognize me as a store or ebayer.
Created By: nancyseastar
On: Apr 06, 2015

Awesome addon
Must have...
Created By: westcoastconsigning
On: Mar 30, 2015

Does not work.
Always tells me; "Your session has expired. Please refresh your browser." Even when I hit the Contact Support button, I get the same thing! I have NEVER gotten any thing else.
Created By: cindy10104
On: Mar 25, 2015

After downloading and subscribing, got tons of junk mail in emal account from advertising items
They track what you look at previously, then send out email notices on more, more, more. No one needs all this. Unsubscribing and sending ebay emails to junk and spam mail buckets.
Created By: 3dells
On: Mar 25, 2015

I see items that I am no longer selling.
Created By: evertrayd
On: Mar 19, 2015

AFTER ALL DAY waiting it never even loaded,it is not good at all
this is the second app that i used with 3d sellers that i had issues,i will never try anything with them again
Created By: jbreaking2011
On: Mar 14, 2015

thank yoy
thank you for free this support for any one
Created By: ae.sar4
On: Mar 11, 2015

Created By: nationwidedistributorgroup
On: Mar 11, 2015

love it
Created By: ksin4303
On: Mar 09, 2015

items look great on this
I would like this catalog to be easier to find
Created By: rmcollectables2015
On: Mar 02, 2015

the free version is black and white only and not even HD!
the free version is black and white only and not even HD!
Created By: yazi-1
On: Feb 20, 2015

not user friendly
It says a pdf catalogue . ok how.. lool up for an answer.. none.. so how do I make a catalogue I clicked the word the icon the everthing I could think of and nothing..
Created By: kelleyskoolstuff
On: Feb 20, 2015

very useful tool to have as an ebay seller. thank you
Created By: jenp2012-2012
On: Feb 06, 2015

So easy to use!
Creates a full catalog for all your items, no need to mess around just choose a design and create a catalog that's ready within minutes.You can share it on twitter and facebook and also add it to your emails, works great!
Created By: electronicsgiantscom
On: Feb 06, 2015

Great for promoting my store
It's a great way to show buyers all my recent additions in my store. Also great for showing my inventory to potential buyers that contact me.
Created By: majugeneralsales
On: Feb 06, 2015

Fantastic App
Will create in minutes a PDF catalog for all your eBay items, or if you choose for a certain category. You can also choose if to save your catalog to an archive. Great feature if you?re creating multiple catalogs to send to different prospect buyers.
Created By: flyingmongoose64
On: Feb 05, 2015

Awesome design!
I just upgraded to the PDF Premium version and I love the new designs! Also, all the new features are great such as saving the PDFs to archive and creating a catalog for an index. Thank you for all the extra additions!
Created By: todd.jerr
On: Feb 04, 2015

Terrible service
Negative do not use it waste
Created By: westporter
On: Feb 03, 2015

this is no good
just another way to be charged excess fees by ebay.
Created By: bookofthepast
On: Feb 01, 2015

Includes sold items!
Nice looking, but it includes items I've already sold (2 months ago!!!) as if they were still available. I don't know where it's getting it's info, but it's not at all accurate or up to date!
Created By: angelceili
On: Jan 28, 2015

Another GOT ME Application - Do Not Waste YOUR TIME!
Another joke application placed out there to waste your time. There are no free features that offer any value, as soon as you download it will as you to upgrade. DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION!
Created By: sweetpeaanddeb
On: Jan 22, 2015

This is a most have!!! APP Is a very useful !!
Created By: olu-shop
On: Jan 18, 2015

Easy makes life easier
if it had all the fees, paypal, etc it would be perfect but it is still a handy tool
Created By: annapond661
On: Jan 06, 2015

Seriously Awesome....
You can print the Catalog and hand it out... email it... I even added the link to my email signature. Great product. Thanks!
Created By: buildcorp-direct
On: Dec 31, 2014

Simple, easy to use program.
Wonderful basic catalog that is easy to use and understand.
Created By: allisonswarehouse
On: Dec 12, 2014

the color are not good
i don't like it
Created By: chrifrank78milcia
On: Nov 23, 2014

$3.99 for nothing
Created By: samyr4864
On: Oct 28, 2014

love this app it works great
love this app it works great
Created By: amit4730
On: Oct 24, 2014

Nice app!
Nice catalog - use as frequently as you like.
Created By: imabohomama
On: Oct 20, 2014

Very Basic but Useful App
PDF Catalog is definitely with the price (FREE!). This is a very basic app, with virtually no ability to customize to meet specific business needs (e.g., no sorting, no ebay listing numbers, no page numbers). The quality of the photos is good. Unfortunately, PDF Catalog does not always use the current primary photo from the ebay listing. The text provided is the listing headline - good feature. Again, unfortunately, the format of the text leaves a lot to be desired. Bottom line - you get what you pay for - as a free app, this is worth a try. Don't expect much in the way of support. But if you are looking for a basic catalog that shows all of your ebay listings (and prices if you choose - the only bit of customization available), give PDF Catalog a try.
Created By: okranchlandandcattlecompany
On: Oct 20, 2014

awesome just awesome
this will open doors
Created By: usbeadwarehouse
On: Oct 12, 2014

Great for a quick marketing booklet...
...or inventory summary that we can show to local customers in-person. This application is perfect for printing out a professionally organized resource of your current products.
Created By: martinxcordero
On: Oct 12, 2014

Good but...
Would be nice if we could customize the titles as the long titles do not play well with print out catalogs for selling purposes.
Created By: liquivana
On: Oct 07, 2014

Great product love it!
Great product love it!
Created By: haldanecreations
On: Oct 04, 2014

Created By: sistersgreene14
On: Sep 08, 2014

Never works the first time - I quit using - too much frustration!
Instructions say you can list up to 500 products; mine quit working after 400. Every time I tried to use it I would have to contact support, waiting up to 24 hours to hear back. Easier just to link to my eBay store.
Created By: homeprofitscenter
On: Sep 08, 2014

Have really used to it's fullest
Building email list
Created By: jazzyjazzproductions_sales
On: Sep 01, 2014

Great App
I like this App because I can send a complete list of my products to new customers.
Created By: phantomwarrior1327
On: Aug 18, 2014

Fantastic! Love this app! Works great with our eBay store.
Now I can provide a copy of what is on our eBay store for new customers to see an example of what we offer.
Created By: mbaengraving
On: Aug 12, 2014

App is not very helpful for my needs. Thanks
App is not very helpful for my needs. Thanks
Created By: hutchersongroup
On: Jul 31, 2014

Great product!
I really like the notification settings.
Created By: gibsonarie
On: Jul 23, 2014

Just ran it for the first time and looking it over it's just really terrific. Simple to use
I read that people want more and I get that. Leave this one alone PLEASE. I understand why people would want more options but for free this is simply wonderful
Created By: stans06
On: Jul 04, 2014

Love being able to create a catalog BUT~~~~
I would love to be able to edit the size of the text and photos also to be able to categorize items or choose which items you want in what order. Its good but not perfect!
Created By: desertgirl22
On: Jul 02, 2014

Great tool too advertise to your existing customer base!
Probably the most simple APP to use. Enter your email address and click generate and your done. A few minutes later you will receive an email with a link to download the completed PDF. It has your entire stores product images in a gallery format which look excellent. The best thing is that when you click the image it takes you to the listings. I use it to advertise to my previous customer base. In Outlook 2010 I create a group list. Then I create an email to say whatever I want. For example, the last one I sent I told about new products for the summer of 2014 from SANIS (my manufacturer. I always explain in the email that it is a special PDF that is clickable which is the best part for your customer. When you send it the TO: goes to yourself and you attach the Group List to the BCC. Reason being no one else sees to who else you sent the email. Attach the PDF to attachments and you are ready to send. Free custom advertising directly to your customers. Keep up the good work 3DSelllers.
Created By: bully121253
On: Jun 30, 2014

Good for what it is
It would be nice if I could sort my items, or if they were sorted by store category.
Created By: quality_lock
On: Jun 23, 2014

Best Apps
Works well best apps
Created By: jafferusa2011
On: Jun 23, 2014

I does what it says, a pdf catalog and it's free.
Created By: menstore526
On: Jun 18, 2014

Created By: fontedavi
On: Jun 14, 2014

What a great idea and wonderful way to showcase Ebay items. Thank you for your hard work,
Created By: isellyouprofit
On: May 28, 2014

It does what it says but with no organizational options has little value.
Yes it creates a PDF catalog. But it does not sort your catalog by category or allow you any options on how it is produced. As a result, you get a jumbled mess as your store grows in size.
Created By: tryongold
On: May 26, 2014

very good
very good
Created By: 2009ashraf
On: Apr 16, 2014

It only took a few minutes to understand this app. Now it's really helpful to my customers and me.
Created By: collegedreaminkid
On: Apr 07, 2014

Great support love it!
Great support love it!
Created By: universalii
On: Apr 06, 2014

Great and easy catalog generator.
This is a great app! We use it all the time and it very easily gathers all our products into a nice looking catalog that we can give to our customers. Great job!
Created By: axnystore
On: Mar 27, 2014

Great app
I would like it to let me group items together and only print out lists of items, like all the jewelry or all my hotwheels only.
Created By: starwomen857
On: Mar 27, 2014

Very, very useful~!
How cool to just make a pdf file of your store offerings? This used to be called a mail order catalog back in the day ;-) They give you the option of showing the prices or not showing them - which is awesome. I made one of each. And I will continue to update as my products change. It's really great to be able to post a link to all of your items in this format from your Facebook page, etc. The greatest thing about it is that it's actually a little portable STORE because every product is a clickable link~!!! Very cool~! Thank you for this~!
Created By: dnashopper
On: Feb 26, 2014

I have over 1000 listings. This is the easiest way for me to do inventory. Love it!!!!
Created By: l4smith4
On: Feb 22, 2014

Great for a backup source of your current listings.
I use this program prior to uploading multiple new listings as a backup source of sales progress. The main thing I dislike about the program is it does not show a current date on the cover page so you have to manually perform this action. I would like to see an option for editing the cover page with user specific desired text. Otherwise I am very happy with the product as it fits my needs well.
Created By: serenity_4101
On: Feb 22, 2014

Created By: trumpet_1
On: Feb 20, 2014

Created By: pedreiraantiques
On: Feb 20, 2014

Wow! How fun is this!
We accidentally found this app and tested it, as we get request for our catalog (which has been impossible to create). If you are like us and have high turnover of your items, you will love this app! It takes just a few minutes to generate once you initiate the process. Then you get a link with all your products in a pdf 'catalog'...plus each one is linked back to your store. You can make a new catalog anytime you add new inventory, or get a request for your catalog! Thank you!
Created By: newsom213
On: Feb 19, 2014

pdf catalog
never received
Created By: featherlings
On: Feb 08, 2014

Good APP
Nice app for free i can recomand
Created By: uncle-tomas
On: Feb 07, 2014

I love this application!!!
It is useful for potential buyers locally and for my inventory control.
Created By: anilouise2012
On: Feb 03, 2014

Point and click and there are your items in and portable PDF WOW!!
We all just need to capture an overview of our collections for reference especially if selling on behalf of others. Great simple product. Ideally there needs to be a PDF for my purchase history so I can identify items years later.
Created By: dartek
On: Feb 01, 2014

Love this!
Great looking catalog for ebay items
Created By: brrights
On: Jan 26, 2014

Good app
Like to be able to check without having to go on line.
Created By: thimblefun
On: Jan 24, 2014

Awesome! great free application
Incredible program! It gives a very professional looking layout and links the buyer directly to your store for purchase and compatibility information.
Created By: i.monit
On: Jan 24, 2014

nice app.
it allows me to print a catalogue and be able to quick reference items when chatting with customers
Created By: vonklous
On: Jan 23, 2014

Created By: icollect30-30
On: Jan 21, 2014