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By 3Dsellers  (released May 31, 2011)
Create an amazing Facebook store displaying all of your eBay items, at the click of a button. Connect with 900 million potential Facebook customers! Sign up today and receive a FREE subscription to our Thank You Emails app!
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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facebook store
very easy facebook shop
Created By: sanare.shopping-sanare.go
On: Jun 07, 2018

This is an eBay sellers must have application!
This Social Store app truly changed the way I market to buyers. I set up my own Facebook Page and Social Store made it so easy to automatically port over all my listings to Facebook so quick. More views = more sales
Created By: katiekatesstore
On: Oct 09, 2017

Love it. Created a Facebook store in less than 5 minutes (with a break)
This was a very easy application to set up and use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Created By: reelsticksystems
On: Jan 08, 2017

works fine
just needs a share button
Created By: kcelectronics_by_briancasey
On: Dec 10, 2016

I like it
So far so good
Created By: rubi_doobie21
On: Dec 06, 2016

facebook will not accept this app
have tried to use this with facebook to no avail
Created By: mde.423
On: Nov 30, 2016

Have tried repeatedly to make this work. NOT HELPFUL!
Sent many previous messages.
Created By: sophies_corner
On: Nov 11, 2016

Takes Forever To Load
This is terrible so far. How can you expect anyone to visit when it takes forever to load?
Created By: dearlady99
On: Nov 11, 2016

to confusing
to hard to understand
Created By: theeverythingjewelryoutlet
On: Sep 11, 2016

You need just to make an little effort, but work fine
You need just to make an little effort, but work fine
Created By: giftbeyondgift
On: Jun 19, 2016

Poor Support
App does NOT work if you have multiple Facebook pages. Only will let you add to the first page you created. ZERO support available. Deleting now.
Created By: shopclassicvinyl
On: Apr 25, 2016

Easy to change templates and to install it!
I do appreciate having my store on Facebook! Thank you!
Created By: comproubem2016
On: Apr 01, 2016

Watch the tutorial for best results
I went round and round before I realized I needed to create a business page associated with my personal FB profile to utilize this app. After that, if you don't see the social store tab pop up on your page, click "more" and reorder the tabs that appear to put your social store at the top. Watching the 3.5 min tutorial will make this a breeze.
Created By: smbluz
On: Mar 26, 2016

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
not a single sale attributed to this gimmic
titile says it all
Created By: *coppercarr*
On: Nov 27, 2015

Great! Links my items to facebook.
Sale increase and visibilty increase of my items to facebook page!. Thank you!
Created By: 303electronics
On: Nov 09, 2015

Haven't sold anything yet with this app
while this sounds good I have not yet sold anything while using it, so not sure if it is worth spending money on
Created By: kali*herbs
On: Oct 29, 2015

Created By: scorcherxxx
On: Oct 22, 2015

Great addition to the ebay store.
Great addition to the ebay store. Great way to attract more buyers.
Created By: only_the_best_no.1
On: Aug 27, 2015

Will be pleased to see items listed on facebook also.
I'm looking forward to having the exposure of my items for sale on facebook, as well as eBay.
Created By: imladygreyhawk
On: Aug 18, 2015

(There have been no reviews for this application.)
No categories, or subcategories
The app doesn't copy my ebay store categories which makes the page nonfunctional.
Created By: atheniangifts
On: Aug 01, 2015

Not good
To hard to understand,and does not seem to work!!
Created By: papadoc1205
On: Jul 12, 2015

Goes thru the motions as promised, but...
Our FaceBook store opened without a hitch. Our listings are plain and clear, and error-free; they update almost immediately when edited (unlike some OTHER purveyors of "FB Storeyas"); etc-etc-etc. Mechanically, they appear almost perfect. What was promised has been delivered. Upnfortunately, it does not appear to have helped sales much; if at all. We have over 100 "likes", post things regularly
Created By: mmoran0513
On: Jul 11, 2015

Created By: 2015preppygalamh
On: Jun 25, 2015

I Like it . It Helps !
I Like it, It Helps !
Created By: tammylynn57
On: Jun 03, 2015

fun and easy to use
share your items with the friends you talk to about everyday anyhow....right?
Created By: witmer2007
On: May 22, 2015

It has helped me increase the amount of people veiwing my site
It has shown me how to promote my store
Created By: rmcollectables2015
On: Apr 16, 2015

VERY POOR apps!!
When my items started showing up incorrectly I tried to contact support. Turns out you can't even contact them! All I got was one series of questions after another. Never any place to actually contact anyone. My auctions were showing as Buy It Now's and my Buy It Now's were showing as auctions! I had people contacting me mad because they thought they had made a purchase when in fact they had only bid. If they can't do any better than this why would trust anything they do? This was the worst mistake I've made since joining ebay several years ago, and I won't be in a hurry to try another stupid app!!!
Created By: aktreasures4u
On: Apr 10, 2015

Terrific app!
I?m really happy with my Facebook store! This app will show all your eBay items in real-time on your Facebook business page, great for getting your fans to buy from your store!
Created By: todd.jerr
On: Jan 26, 2015

3DSellers keeps charging my paypal over and over in one month. Save your money it's not worth it!!
I'm very unhappy that you are charging my paypal at lease 3 days in a row. What's up with that? I am having paypal investigate. I'm cancelling my account ASAP!!
Created By: trulythrifty
On: Jan 16, 2015

doesn't work
socialstore.com hasn't paid there domain bill and is shut down
Created By: bobcom34
On: Dec 08, 2014

Created By: numismaticr
On: Nov 23, 2014

Very Easy to use
I have 2800 items and listed it with no issues.
Created By: mactom
On: Nov 10, 2014

It functions alright, hence the 2 star, but there is nearly zero ability to customize anything, it looks so simplistic and amateur its a bit embarrassing. This has a long ways to go.
Created By: tincanindustries
On: Nov 02, 2014

I love it
Created By: chrifrank78milcia
On: Oct 25, 2014

Outstanding Program and Customer Service
I had a minor problem and customer service was quick to respond. Very courteous and helpful. This program is very easy to set up and use. Love it.
Created By: otisandbevis
On: Oct 20, 2014

I love my social store!
Social store has so many great benefits such as the beautiful designs and that it?s by far the easiest eBay facebook app to use!
Created By: flyingmongoose64
On: Oct 13, 2014

Created By: mitmitter
On: Sep 22, 2014

Very easy
So far awesome, easy to use and no problem to set up, a little more settings and options would be nice but for the price its great.
Created By: lokinb
On: Sep 20, 2014

does what it says. Creates you an FB store
It was out first time on facebook and this syncs everything for you! very nice. My only suggestion is I wish my customers could purchase inside facebook. It's not a great user experience to bounce to a different platform
Created By: fathersonhardware
On: Sep 16, 2014

Great to have this
It is great to have everything automatically listing in this separate social store. However, I do not see a way to control it from the control panel. At least my listings are appearing again. I am grateful that I was not charged during the time this did not work. I wondered why it went away. I guess it was the change of passwords after the security bleach on Ebay. I did somehow fix my payment and password info.
Created By: dkkdolls
On: Sep 16, 2014

no impact, poor customer service
If I provided service on the same level as this app does, I would be kicked off of ebay. Who comes up with a customer service email like this; QUOTE Your SocialStore fees of $7.98 for your user account are severely past due. Because you are delinquent in paying your fees, we have suspended your access to SocialStore. To prevent your SocialStore subscription from being cancelled in 30 days, click "Pay now" to pay your past due balance immediately. You will continue to be billed for this subscription until it is cancelled. If you do not have a valid PayPal agreement, you will need to sign a new payment agreement before making a one-time payment. If you've already paid your SocialStore fees, please disregard this message END OF QUOTE
Created By: bobbi2bi4
On: Sep 14, 2014

The best among eBay 3rd Party apps.
A very helpful tool in promoting products... less expensive ads covering local and global markets. Useful marketing application... excellent customer service... can't ask for more at $3.99/mo. Highly recommended.
Created By: superseller630
On: Sep 10, 2014

I love the new design templates, it adds so much to my store on facebook and to my page! Thank you!
Created By: john-goo
On: Aug 29, 2014

Extremely pleased with the app
I used other apps to link my facebook page with ebay but this is the first one that let me choose a design for my facebook store. Also thumbs up for making the set up so simple!
Created By: naturalhealthsource
On: Aug 28, 2014

Quick setup, easy implementation
This is definitely by far the best app available for creating an eBay facebook store. Setup is a piece of cake (once you created a facebook page), the store is right away synced with your eBay items and you have quite a selection of templates from which you can choose your store design. Great Job Social Store!
Created By: mariothriftstore
On: Aug 27, 2014

my store doesn't work and hasnt since I signed up for it
Created By: dpworldimportsonline
On: Aug 25, 2014

Useless so far
What does this do?
Created By: darrins
On: Aug 23, 2014

This is one great app. works well, no problems. Thanks!
Created By: legdazzle
On: Aug 20, 2014

OMG easy transition at a click of a button
The 45 Negative people should get a clue, This was the easiest app to install in the history of apps. Every item view-able in 20 seconds and all pages and items shown. Want pay Volusion $75 a month instead ??
Created By: ussignalsafety
On: Jul 09, 2014

I love my ebay facebook store!
It also makes my Facebook page look more professional and it also helps me introduce my Facebook fans to my items on eBay. Thank you social store!
Created By: thrilling_thea
On: Jun 12, 2014

Not at all what I expected, like instructions and why doesnt this work.
It was to much of a hassle and was unbelievable irritating, I finally found out that i cant link it to my facebook so there is no reason to have it.
Created By: abigailnanthony
On: May 29, 2014

Great for increasing traffic!
Great for increasing traffic. I used social store in conjunction with Facebook ads and it really helped me bring more buyers to eBay!
Created By: pro.audio.auctions
On: May 09, 2014

Great ebay app for any seller
The app will create a store on facebook with your ebay items, which is great if you are looking to bring more buyers from Facebook.
Created By: valde_jorge
On: May 08, 2014

A++++ Great App Everyone on eBay needs to purchase this app for Facebook
Great ebay app for any seller The app will create a store on facebook with your ebay items, which is great if you're looking to bring more buyers from Facebook.
Created By: jacoboi33
On: Apr 27, 2014

Hate this service!
I've been trying to cancel my subscription for month's I got another charge again for the 3rd time don't get this services
Created By: 1800prepaidstore
On: Apr 19, 2014

love it more exposure
pretty simple to set up still on free trial .. hope i love it
Created By: ethnicfashion2014
On: Apr 06, 2014

Doesn't work
Tried several times to get it working.
Created By: galadev2007
On: Apr 02, 2014

Love it!
Nice advertise!
Created By: 19_keith_79
On: Mar 27, 2014

Doesn't do any good
All it does is make people mad.
Created By: luschers_ent
On: Mar 14, 2014

Very happy with the application
Very happy with the application
Created By: sugroupinc
On: Mar 01, 2014

I can no reccoment this product.
This is nothing but a link to your eBay store. It can not flow the store into an actual page. The customer support is very bad. It is email support. No telephone, no live chat. The try but they fail. Some of the features did not work properly like uploading logo and banner images. I had to do them 5, 6, 7 times to get the to work. I dumped it after sending hours and hours to try to get what I though I could get out of it. A simple telephone call could have told me that it was not what it is represented to be unless you are just looking for a glorified link. Then they try to sell you advertising programs to advertise to get "likes" on you new page. Likes DO NOT equal sales. You can do what they are doing yourself by just adding an eBay page to your Facebook page and uploading the images you want to sell or feature.
Created By: fasgallery
On: Feb 26, 2014

nice app. It allowed my facebook friends to view my items and purchase
The whole application is nice. It was fun setting it up. On occasion there was a problem posting to the facebook page, not sure if it was facebook or the app. All in all the app led my facebook friends to view and share my ebay experience!
Created By: ida0401
On: Feb 09, 2014