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Canvasee Boutique App

By G&G Commerce, Ltd.  (released Mar 08, 2012)
Promote and advertise your listings online through social media including blogs and social networks like Facebook and other web pages by enabling your customers to share their findings with others!
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Listing
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Not even 1 star. Cannot contact, have been in pending mode a couple years now. No way to remove, may be some kind of virus. Well it made me put a star in order to send this but that star is not for this app.
Created By: toadzworld
On: Jul 31, 2017

didn't find my item
Created By: meraki_collection
On: Jun 25, 2017

Created By: fy8498
On: May 02, 2017

it the best
i love it
Created By: wisdopete-0
On: Mar 22, 2017

Never starts and can't remove bogus
pending and can't remove bogus app
Created By: wideworldofsales
On: Sep 22, 2016

stupid app
not working
Created By: available_boutique
On: Aug 10, 2016

This is a virus
This is a virus. I don't know how this is still on this site. BEWARE !! CLICK AND DIE
Created By: the.save.shop
On: Jan 06, 2016

I love this app!
Very helpful in driving sales! Wonderful job!
Created By: lezlgan-f9geit8x
On: Jun 28, 2015

Created By: messiah_z2010
On: May 31, 2015

Doesn't work
doesn't work
Created By: deal.or.deal
On: May 24, 2015

don't waist your time...
horrible, I wanted to try this app so I click on subscribe, nothing came on, so I try to un click but it stayeed highlight it. So I been getting charge for another app I never got to use. E-Bay can't do anything about third party apps. What a hassle. I will never try another app from Ebay.
Created By: efenyssa
On: Apr 16, 2015

this app is crap
pending for days
Created By: j-tillman-ct
On: Mar 16, 2015

bad app.
got charged $ 4.80 and says...FREE.. will not let me delete,says pending. sent email to web site and ..NO..Response..Upset that ebay does not follow up with all these apps.
Created By: mumzysplace
On: Feb 20, 2015

No support does not function
This app has been in "pending" for over a month. No tech support and unable to remove.
Created By: tatteescloset
On: Jan 15, 2015

Useless app- it doesnt move from pending...
it doesn't move from "pending"...
Created By: mystiklight13
On: Dec 22, 2014

Your subscription will end on Mar 31, 2015
Your subscription will end on Mar 31, 2015
Created By: yzfashionbridal2014
On: Jun 26, 2014

never installed
cannot get any support
Created By: diamondinthedust2013
On: Dec 29, 2013

this broke a$$ $h!t
why wont this thing get off my page? ?? WTF
Created By: realdeals_thesaveshop
On: Dec 21, 2013

App is stuck in Pending Mode for a year now!
No one to contact or fix issue and can't un subscribe!
Created By: mijnil2007
On: Oct 29, 2013

We have not been able to access this application for several weeks. What is going on? Our sales are dropping.
Created By: picpacputter
On: Oct 22, 2013

Pending forever with no way of removal.
Created By: uniquestargifts
On: Sep 30, 2013

Could not even finish installing it.
Couldn't even finish installing this application.
Created By: 1597951
On: Sep 27, 2013

This App makes absolutely no sense
A naked model holds a generic handbag in the color of my choice? How will that help me sell an item. Maybe I just don't know how to use it but the whole thing didn't make any sense to me.
Created By: fatcatlady
On: Aug 04, 2013

Im really confused at what the point of this is and what it does
I feel like I'm playing a kids game when I use this app, I have no clue what the use is for.
Created By: olivia.leigh2103
On: Jul 19, 2013

No Jewelry Category Sharply Curtails Use of App
Because I sell jewelry, I was hoping this app would include jewelry. Not so. My use is therefore limited right now. Jewelry is a vital part of the Accessories category, so please include in future releases.
Created By: 1strangemale
On: Jul 16, 2013

Doesn't work
This app doesn't even work. Keeps saying it's pending and I cannot even delete the app Not very useful
Created By: kwstore2013
On: Mar 31, 2013

Simply does not work....
Nothing intuitive about this app, I found it worthless....good concept, poor execution!
Created By: oh*look*a*butterfly
On: Dec 30, 2012

It doesn't work!
It does not show my ebay items!!!I can't find any of my ebay items through the app either!
Created By: alustyle4u
On: Dec 12, 2012

got it quick and better than expected....
Product better than expected!
Created By: dunndl
On: Sep 15, 2012

I sell women's clothing and no use for this
not a great app
Created By: angels_by_millie
On: May 26, 2012

Created By: pinky*tails
On: May 14, 2012

Not only is Froo! slow, unhelpful,
Created By: eltonscott
On: Mar 10, 2012

didn't care for it
The girl is tacky. It doesn't work for our style of business. Would be perfect for a car audio site.
Created By: great*apparel
On: Dec 27, 2011

Needs to SPECIFY more of the benefits for the subscriber .
Don't understand what my benefits are to this program.SRS
Created By: sellrackselect
On: Dec 24, 2011

Best items for family members ! Paradise for Wholesalers !!!
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Created By: new.life-ml
On: Nov 10, 2011

need more time to check out things.
Created By: mhow2256
On: Oct 17, 2011

Geat service to get buyers to see Ebay store items
Geat service to get United States and International buyers to see Ebay store items
Created By: controll69adam
On: Oct 16, 2011

Still a PAIN
Created By: robhasgoodstuff
On: Sep 21, 2011

canvasee cannot fin my listings so that I can link them.
I think that widget should be explained more clearly.
Created By: janleamon
On: Sep 16, 2011

VERY Disappointed :(
Thought this would be a great app to help build my business, but since I don't sell women's clothing, it doesn't help at all.
Created By: i*pinky
On: Sep 13, 2011

Worth while app
easy use
Created By: jelmarye
On: Sep 12, 2011

How stupid!
It's only for women's clothes.
Created By: superspeedway_collectibles
On: Sep 05, 2011

Love the Quick and easy set up..
This is awesome I just tell everyone I meet Just click on "www.vintageflutterbuys and it takes you rright to mysite..on ebay..and for the the low cost per year..
Created By: vintageflutterbuys
On: Sep 04, 2011

What they didn't mention up front
You can only use this app for selling women's clothes.
Created By: phase-craft
On: Aug 21, 2011

Only for women's clothing
The program would be great if it were for all eBay categories. The product description does NOT indicate that it is for women's clothing only, which is why I downloaded it. Because it is product-specific in actuality, but not advertised as product-specific, I find it misleading and unusable.
Created By: rabuswell
On: Aug 21, 2011

Great aplication for ads
Great if you wish to advertise..
Created By: sparkling-store
On: Aug 18, 2011

not bad
its kinda pointless,but i guess another thing to get people to see your stuff but i dont know how much it will bring in customers.
Created By: a_plusapparelz
On: Aug 02, 2011

I don't sell clothing, so it will not let me link my items together.
I sell McDonald Information Sheet Books. I would be able to let viewers see all of them if they were linked together. Not so. This application is for women's clothing only.
Created By: mcsusanquilts
On: Jul 29, 2011

Super easy to sign up for.
It was super easy to get the app active and I need all the advertising I can get. Now if e-bay would just do a direct link to Amazon Kindle so I could sell my published e-books for kindle readers on e-bay.
Created By: 2011topaz202
On: Jul 17, 2011

Misrepresented - fashion only, not "all sellers" as claimed
When you read the overview, the phrase "all sellers" is used. It's only after subscribing that you find out the service works ONLY for fashion items, and apparently for womens fashions only (altho since I don't sell fashion items, it's harder to determine that). I feel this app is mis-represented. It should clearly state that it is only for fashion sellers and NOT for "all sellers" as it currently claims. Very disappointed.
Created By: rosachs
On: Jun 26, 2011

Very wow
I find this application kinda a helpful it did a lot for me.
Created By: peduhgriffin
On: Jun 26, 2011

I believe I'm doing well, but have room for improvement.
I am low in my shipping and this is a problem because I have to rely on mail pick-up because I am a Disabled War Veteran and I have much trouble getting around, using my legs and (L) arm. I still do the best I can.
Created By: 201012211948
On: Jun 23, 2011

So...this is only for women items? That sucks because I only sell men's clothing.
Created By: joshmnelm
On: Jun 21, 2011

AWSOME!!----please send me a review too Im tryin to biild feed back points
Created By: dehartstore2
On: Jun 19, 2011

Hard to usae
I don't sell womens clothing... Very hard to use.
Created By: billbecky1991
On: Jun 05, 2011

Not work with my beauty product. Gemstone and jewelry???
Women men boys and girls love stones gems and natural jewelry and precious gemstones. why not let this work here too! I tried this product but it wont allow wme to use it! Wrong category. Duhhh! Who wears jewelry!
Created By: siamrocks
On: May 01, 2011

doesnt work
only clothes can be advertised. unfortunatly, i dont sell clothes like any style in the ads
Created By: lovedoggy
On: Apr 28, 2011

Created By: pioneerproducts2011
On: Apr 25, 2011

Maybe at a later time, currently only for clothing and it says on it, free until the end of 2010!
Didn't try to use it as at this time none of my listings fit into these catagories.
Created By: memeggie
On: Apr 25, 2011

Created By: bignastyratt
On: Mar 30, 2011

Is strictly for Women's Appearal, clothing, shoes, outerwear and other accessories
This is only useful to someone who sells women's apparel. It is not useful for jewelry, cars, art, craft materials or anything else that you sell. The description should not this so others are not sucked in!
Created By: iflingpoo2010
On: Mar 24, 2011

Please hit my webpage up
www.bearinc-gold.bbnow.org need all the help we can get!
Created By: officerjevans
On: Mar 21, 2011

thank you
Created By: 195661
On: Mar 18, 2011

hard to use
only provided womens clothing catagories, wasn't availble to me for weeks after downloading, not convienent, hard to use.
Created By: tekoah*123
On: Mar 16, 2011