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Listing Translator

By 3Dsellers  (released Jan 04, 2012)
Add a free translation widget to your listings
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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no longer work
no longer work
Created By: mommi_shop
On: May 03, 2018

App does not work for me
I have not been able to activate this app and when I try to contact support, I am told "Page not found". I would love to add this app to my listings. I will keep trying.
Created By: mtmineralsandcrystals
On: Mar 01, 2018

Big disaster
After the installation can not Uninstall, resulting in slow web pages open, eBay no way, the software company no way, you only delete this item,list a new item sales page?
Created By: magiclove911
On: Dec 21, 2017

stupid aplication
stupid aplication which are leaving outside code advertisement on own page which makes problem with ebay policy system ...
Created By: stygian999
On: Nov 08, 2017

Doesn't work
I tried it and it doesn't work.
Created By: dcybermind
On: Nov 03, 2017

Love it !
Created By: store-bg-72
On: Sep 16, 2017

Created By: great_american_circus_sideshows
On: Sep 02, 2017

Created By: rurulalatec
On: Jun 18, 2017

Useful for global shipping
If you are a global company and deal with many different languages than this app would be most helpful. However, for the average non-global company it is cumbersome and takes up a lot of listing space. Better off to just use a type and translate option.
Created By: kakorner
On: Jun 13, 2017

Looks bad. Each one of the Flag buttons takes all the width of the page.
Maybe it because of the new active content eBay policy.
Created By: web_star
On: Jun 07, 2017

Works great
I just started useing the app and seems to work good
Created By: kbgalvan1
On: Jun 03, 2017

Awesome App!
Great tool when selling internationally, and user friendly!
Created By: justipere86
On: Jun 01, 2017

Excellent sales help
Created By: av1820
On: May 12, 2017

nice application
nice application
Created By: sondus
On: Apr 25, 2017

Great way to communicte with people who may not speak english
It Translates into whatever language your potential buyer may speak, which is great if you don't mind shipping internationally.
Created By: sportsfans4real_3
On: Apr 04, 2017

Great ~!! Thankyou
Great ~!! Thankyou
Created By: kyongwjun0
On: Feb 25, 2017

Best Translator and Email App Ever!
Love this app and highly recommend; especially for the email app within!
Created By: mlamore3
On: Feb 13, 2017

Increased international sales and decreased questions
This app has cut way down on questions from customers in other languages. I think it has made the buying process for them more enjoyable and I'm seeing more sales. Thanks for a great app!
Created By: dnashopper
On: Feb 04, 2017

Was very to set up
So easy to use and I hoping for great result
Created By: stepherayhor-0
On: Jan 18, 2017

A Great way to communicate
I like seeing this on all of my listings it allows buyers from other countries to read my details on my products.
Created By: rcas7270
On: Nov 23, 2016

Can't get support to contact me with a problem-tried for 3 day now...
The app is great when it is working. I contacted support and can't get anyone to respond back to help me. It's making my listings look bad and no one will return my messages.
Created By: *scoobies*
On: Nov 19, 2016

Excellent. But this is active content.
Please prepare to solve "ebay will not support active content".
Created By: by-honest-seller
On: Oct 29, 2016

This app makes slow the listing's loading time.
This app makes slow the listing's loading time.
Created By: pro-av-gear
On: Oct 17, 2016

Great Support! Thank you!
Great Support! Thank you!
Created By: artemstore
On: Oct 13, 2016

great translator for the wee pee
great translator for the wee pee
Created By: bravofinegoods
On: Oct 06, 2016

as a free application it's doing a great job. all sellers must subscribe. :)
Created By: ikman.lk
On: Oct 02, 2016

get it off my computer
it sucks
Created By: grumpy0d001
On: Sep 04, 2016

Great Until Two Translation Apps Showed Up On My Listings
I've had this app for awhile and it was great until today. I checked my listings and the newest ones had one Translation app on top of another. I was so mad I cancelled my subscription and will have to revise all my listings...gee just what I needed. I am very meticulous of my listings' appearance and they look very unprofessional to potential buyers.
Created By: ellesemporium2016
On: Aug 24, 2016

must have app
it's useful for international trade
Created By: sukmanee
On: Aug 01, 2016

It Does Not Translate
It does not translate anything. It opens google translate page on new tab, then gray page shows up on screen when I click any language to translate.
Created By: yellow.lava
On: Jul 17, 2016

How easy!
I always get frustrated when I can't find a translator on a foreign page so now I am up to date
Created By: ghettofabulousfurnishings
On: Jul 09, 2016

Must have
How can you complain about it? It works and it is better then nothing
Created By: rocksolidshopping54
On: Jun 15, 2016

Created By: lynnettewillis
On: May 16, 2016

Should translate to English too!
Would be useful to translate from another language to english
Created By: ferraznich
On: Apr 30, 2016

clean uninstall
Unable to clean uninstall After uninstalling, you can not edit Details
Created By: newspore520
On: Apr 25, 2016

Excellent app!
This is really good and the fact that its free makes it a no-brainer choice!
Created By: semperstraps
On: Mar 27, 2016

very useful
Created By: cycleworks
On: Nov 24, 2015

super !!!
perfekt !!!
Created By: tangra-store
On: Nov 13, 2015

Created By: bestpricebestproducts
On: Oct 10, 2015

Very bad !!!!!!!!!!No customer service at all!!!!!!! unsubscribed but still nonfunctional app exist
it not removes from listings after you unsubscribed it!!!! very very disappointed!!!
Created By: green-get
On: Oct 08, 2015

thank you
Created By: rare_item_in_tokyo_japan
On: Sep 26, 2015

Created By: familylifesaver
On: Sep 22, 2015

Created By: jcdwholesaleonline
On: Sep 16, 2015

Simple and sleek!
I've never thought about the language barriers in dealing with other people in other countries. This app solves that problems for me. Highly recommendd app!
Created By: mijnil2007
On: Aug 10, 2015

Love It !
Love It !
Created By: kellertheseller
On: Jun 27, 2015

Very useful app.
Created By: chasemall
On: May 02, 2015

Created By: avec5150
On: Apr 21, 2015

Makes selling overseas better!
Buyers can easily translate the page with one click. Excellent app!
Created By: foster_toys
On: Apr 14, 2015

Great feature
Love the option
Created By: ladyki87
On: Mar 29, 2015

Not great looking.
Limited options; could be better, and allow ability to modify
Created By: josephklevenefineart
On: Jan 09, 2015

Very cool! Works wonderfully!
Now i can talk to anyone world wide. Great program!
Created By: haddix3730
On: Nov 22, 2014

Velmi užitečné.
Velmi u?et?í ?as v komunikaci.
Created By: otakarpotyka2014
On: Oct 31, 2014

Super Application.
I have not had long to see what happens but this works great. I tried it in French which I also can read and was pleased at the results. I hope it will help get more customers from some of the European and Japanese speaking countries. I already know places like Shop Airlines buy a lot for Japanese who don't speak English, but I figured this would save them some expense perhaps.
Created By: dkkdolls
On: Oct 06, 2014

Code problems with eBay
The code is stuck on my HTML making the page slow to load after I've cancelled the application - very annoying to go through every listing and erase.
Created By: recyclingethic
On: Aug 25, 2014

works well
Helps a lot with international customer base. Thank you!
Created By: fredsfancyrings
On: May 22, 2014

Language conversiuon made easy
For anyone doing business anywhere this is a must have program. Your customers can translate into their known language. This program WILL increase your bottom line!
Created By: seanfoxbell51
On: Apr 24, 2014

The Best. 3D Sellers Currency Converter
I provide my international customers with fast translation
Created By: bigbluadventures
On: Feb 14, 2014

love it
This application works well and helps me with the customers who don't understand English.
Created By: baytime4159
On: Jan 19, 2014