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TransManager for PayPal

By PMIT Inc  (released Dec 17, 2009)
Manage your PayPal transactions directly from my eBay. Automatically match eBay and PayPal transactions, compare paid amounts and postal codes from one place!
Categories: Finance & accounting, Shipping & payments
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Not Working
Servise never was activated on my account
Created By: foansitellc
On: Dec 04, 2017

Best Ever
Created By: tw24hrshop2udrop
On: Aug 12, 2015

this program does not interface with paypal at all. I have tried current sales and past sales and it finds nothing. you need to rewrite this progrma.
Created By: fly_boys
On: Apr 05, 2015

really helps
Created By: nmadridday
On: Feb 13, 2015

Monthly fee Higher than advertised
Sneaky app charges more per month than advertised.
Created By: ourtreasures13
On: Jun 06, 2014

Poorly maintained. Not effective.
Help instructions are not up to date. Application can pull only 200 records at one time. For me it is useless. I just tried to unsubscribe but got page not available.
Created By: treasurescorp
On: Jan 20, 2014

did it .not retyping did not give star first time because that is my rating are you demanding a star
Created By: mkb044
On: Dec 25, 2013

Will not let me cancel subscrption
Once you are a member you are hooked forever. Beware!!!
Created By: rockcrusher402
On: Apr 03, 2013

$143 for what? Couldn't get it to work.
Did not know costs going in, and had no customer support.
Created By: jomartextiles2010
On: Jul 26, 2012

Greatly increases the speed at which we can process refunds.
Greatly increases the speed at which we can process refunds.
Created By: phonechoice
On: May 29, 2012

I found it to be very useful and really liked it when it was functioning properly.
I am disappointed, I would gladly have paid once the free trial expired.
Created By: deepblue836
On: May 20, 2012

Not recommended
Both times that my account was charged it was not for the agreed amount so I had to cut off the application. The service provider was unresponsive and I had to dispute payment with Paypal who determined in my favor. The application was of little or no value in any case, too slow and very limited in its usefulness. Conclusion: Don't waste your time with this app.
Created By: radontesting
On: Feb 29, 2012

What a great app.
What a great app.
Created By: 1carpool
On: Jul 05, 2011

Not a good experience
will not work even spoke to a paypal rep and had no success
Created By: apabivens
On: Apr 22, 2011

this was not well-explained - sent me a 20 dollar bill too! ha!
what a racket.
Created By: farfalle5five
On: Apr 08, 2011

It is very helpful
It is very helpful.
Created By: mycymall_com
On: Apr 01, 2011