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Marketplace Analyzer

By MarketplaceAnalyzer.com  (released Dec 15, 2012)
Get classified marketplace intelligence of how much cash your Top Competitors and other PowerSellers are minting off eBay right now. Access the info with either lower clearance for Free or highest clearance with our Paid upgrade. This constantly changing information is automatically updated many times a day for you, making you part of an exclusive eBay selling club.
Categories: Research & reporting, Sourcing
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I love this very much...
Created By: hawkin2960
On: Sep 26, 2018

Created By: orika99
On: Sep 12, 2018

good application
Created By: guesscamping
On: Sep 01, 2018

thanks i love it
Created By: window-shop16
On: Aug 06, 2018

I notice increases in sales imediatley
Created By: creator-11
On: Jul 29, 2018

Useful application!
Saves time and helps with work
Created By: captaintrader
On: Jul 24, 2018

-100 STARS
Created By: mulberryframes
On: Jun 11, 2018

great app
good app
Created By: sam-franklin
On: May 27, 2018

They keep billing you and wont let you unsubscribe
Scammers. This app is worthless and doesn't work and they will keep billing you and wont let you unsubscribe. Make sure you cancel the pre-approved payments in Paypal.
Created By: cleanmachinedeals
On: May 03, 2018

Created By: penrocky408
On: Mar 27, 2018

ok for the part that you can use as free.
Created By: cot-26
On: Mar 15, 2018

I am not able to use the premium perks hat come with this application
I am a premium subscriber and the app is not working. I contacted support and got nothing but a generic response telling me to check the FAQ section.
Created By: jennschro
On: Mar 09, 2018

I’ve been charged the last year and a half and haven’t been able to cancel this POS scam!!! Shame on
Horrible! I want all of my money back you scammers. Shame on eBay and the manager who manages apps, you should be fired immediately!
Created By: nationalmusicsupply
On: Dec 30, 2017

Doesn't work, doesn't start
Created By: shopba
On: Nov 16, 2017

No help from Customer Support
Constant error message upon trying to login. Multiple emails to Customer Support have been unanswered. Keep charging my account every month. Now my cancellation is pending. No help from eBay either.
Created By: hhscj2005
On: Oct 30, 2017

very good, thanks
Created By: alwayshop
On: Oct 22, 2017

Clean, efficient, fast.
Good app, helps find top selling items and bulk lots.
Created By: diamondejewelers
On: Oct 14, 2017

Can't drill down to lowest category
Cannot drill down to the lowest category to get desired info. App doesn't meet my needs.
Created By: everythingaquatic
On: Oct 07, 2017

Canceled but still pulling $$
Created By: freedomchaser73
On: May 17, 2017

total garbage waste of money, want my money back !!!! NOT WORKING!!
total garbage waste of money, want my money back !!!! NOT WORKING!!
Created By: bluemoondesings
On: May 03, 2017

Doesn't work
It worked great for the first couple months. Then when you enter any simple keyword, it shows nothing. I sent numerous emails to support with no response back. Terrible app, terrible service. Do not subscribe!
Created By: steelhead_golfer
On: May 03, 2017

Used to work great but not anymore
This app used to work great as advertised for researching products. I really wish it would still work but apparently the developer is not maintaining it anymore. It does not work at all and no one answers support requests. I just unsubscribed.
Created By: cleanmachinemailing
On: May 02, 2017

this application search filters doesn't work . waste of time
search filters doesn't work , waste of money and time . 0 opportunities
Created By: alisong83
On: Apr 20, 2017

Great. Great customer service and works great as intended.
Created By: savingsmedia
On: Apr 01, 2017

Total garbage. Forgot to cancel it and now being charged. Must be the only way they make any money off this program.
Created By: az-emporium
On: Mar 04, 2017

does not work
does not have auto section
Created By: maingate2.0llc
On: Jan 18, 2017

Did not provide level of detail expected
Seller refused multiple cancellation requests and continues to chrage my PayPal account.
Created By: contegra
On: Jan 18, 2017

I love it!
I am just getting back to selling on ebay and I love this application so much. There wasn't anything like it before and I'm happy that we've come this far!
Created By: dbutler407
On: Dec 14, 2016

very helpfull
Excellent application.
Created By: kaitlyberga-0
On: Nov 27, 2016

all it does is try to sell me a list of places i can get items like i sell already i sell surplus
how can it tell me where to find more surplus
Created By: theelectriccontact
On: Oct 14, 2016

Other apps give you the option to unsubscribe, NOT THIS ONE!! You will continue to be billed even after you revoke payment. Unscrupulous business practices to say the least. Please don't fall prey to this app.
Created By: jenuwin-by-design
On: Oct 04, 2016

dont sign up or you'll get locked in and have to pay for garbage
Created By: 3xjacks
On: Aug 08, 2016

Great App! Working at 100%
Excellent work! Very helpful!
Created By: martilazaro-0
On: Jul 14, 2016

very hard to cancel, will continue to bill
i cancelled this app and could not stop being billed. had to go thru paypal and file a report
Created By: $4me!
On: May 31, 2016

Created By: lazarevevgeniy2012
On: Apr 25, 2016

I want to cancel this feature and it is not easy to do so.
I hate signing up for any ebay features. They DON'T make it easy to cancel. They just keep billing you.
Created By: fdebbie41
On: Apr 03, 2016

Never subscribed nor used even during trial period.
Was supposed to use the trial period prior to sign up. I didn't even use the trial period so never signed up. Why am I being charged. Is this a scam?
Created By: hwpcap2012
On: Apr 03, 2016

the worst experience of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
worst experience keep bill me when already paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created By: sandr.greck
On: Mar 19, 2016

Great tool for reasearch
This is a great tool for quick reference on whats hot and whats not~
Created By: danna
On: Mar 06, 2016

They accept payment. Have not use this product ever
will not allow me to cancell
Created By: quality_wholesale
On: Jan 12, 2016

Don't try it ! you can't stop the subscription.
Tried it for 1 day, then could not stop the subscription as I couldn't find a stop subscription button during the trial period. PayPal withdrawn $24 from my account after without my consent ! I have to go through a serious of phone calls to dispute the payment and I don't know if I'm going to get anything out of it.
Created By: atn-us_sale
On: Nov 15, 2015

better search tools out there
I have found better tools out there
Created By: buffalo_chip_trading
On: Oct 03, 2015

Created By: tecscan1
On: Sep 18, 2015

great app
what an awesome app wish it were free
Created By: donrwhite
On: Aug 25, 2015

it charges me automatic ! NONE OF US SUBSCRIBE THIS USELESS APP
We have been charged 15 months! I don't think I have subscribe this app, even use it, and it won't stop charge me every month,
Created By: ccc-shop
On: Aug 24, 2015

very nice app
nice app and really helpful
Created By: buysmart_sk
On: Jul 01, 2015

LOVE this. So much info
I wish I had this on my phone as an app. So helpful
Created By: vaultboss09
On: Jun 07, 2015

Unreliable, not useful research and fraudulent billing practices.
Like others have pointed out, the data returned is not very useful. I cannot help but think that all the 5-star reviewers are shills. Couple that with the fact that they do not recognize the terms of their own free trial and will continue to bill your account month after month. Beware!
Created By: texianmg
On: May 05, 2015

STAY AWAY from this app, company is in Africa and will continue charging after cancel
STAY AWAY from this app, the company is in Africa and will continue charging after cancel, the worst part is ebay said they can not do anything because is a third party app. Then Mr ebay "do not offer this on your ebay website as it invites customer's to have the expectation that you will be involve in case of a problem" washing your hands under the excuse of "is a third party company" is not very ethical nor show integrity on your part. Content was really not that useful, so I cancelled in March and they keep sending statements every month afterwards.
Created By: vicmbs111
On: May 04, 2015

The app provided info as it said it would. The info was old but useful. I used the app for two days and then didn't need it which lead me to conclude it was not worth $9.43 for a year. The problem can in when my cancellation was not recognized. I paid for a FULL month of March because they did not recognize the free 2 weeks I was suppose to get. Also I just received a bill for April. Ebay can not do anything because it is a third party app. I did go into PayPal, under Profile, under My Money, under My Preapproved Payments and canceled the payment plan. Hopefully that will keep them from getting paid but I'll probably continue to receive billing statements each month through eBay which is VERY IRRITATING. I would NOT bother with this app, it is not worth the aggravation.
Created By: littlehawktradingco
On: Apr 15, 2015

Did not subsscribe!
Created By: thossent
On: Mar 16, 2015

it charges me even it's not the end of my free trial yet
it charges me even it's not the end of my free trial yet
Created By: usgbay_3177
On: Mar 05, 2015

Don't use! They will charge you even if you cancel before the deadline
Not worth it and they will charge you regardless, beware they are of Africa...
Created By: rkelly26blue
On: Feb 04, 2015

I use it a lot. It's very helpful tool. Thank you
I search for new item constantly by using keywords. It can not be more helpful than this tool. Thank you
Created By: lilvin86
On: Dec 02, 2014

Data too old, misleading about wholesale "sources"
Much of the data provided is 2 to 3 years old and there is no way to filter for more recent data only, nor is there a way to sort by length of days for said data. Further, this app touts the ability to link to wholesale resources for popular items, but every single link takes you to another service, which costs $67 per year, no free trial offered. I feel it is disingenuous to tout that as a benefit when it's not part of the app, but rather an additional paid service. Interesting to test it during the free trial, but I see nothing about this app that makes me want to pay for it.
Created By: ayeheartmakeup
On: Nov 29, 2014

Very good "intel" app.
This application allows for a great amount of background research into your listings and what pricing you should use.
Created By: e-repair_guy
On: Nov 20, 2014

good app...
Easy to use and offered a great analysis of top products and prices.
Created By: jsvision32
On: Oct 14, 2014

This is useful for market analysis .
Created By: chasemall
On: Sep 24, 2014

very usful
Created By: b56l72
On: Aug 31, 2014

Love it!
Love this app!
Created By: redleg_camo
On: Aug 01, 2014

Good, just wish it gave more information.
It has been good.
Created By: hccustomapparel
On: Jul 24, 2014

best tool on ebay
i love it
Created By: luxuryblack
On: Jul 15, 2014

not so useful
analyse is not reliable
Created By: ricks-imports
On: Jun 04, 2014

Excellent research app, but not free after trial
I activated the app yesterday and have already found a great deal of help on hot selling items in the commodity that I sell under. Super helpful! Only wish it was free. That would be awesome.
Created By: forgotten_coast
On: May 22, 2014

Works for me!
I have had more sales since starting this.
Created By: southcarolinapickers
On: May 09, 2014

This is a great addition in my eBay toolbox
Utilize this tool to see what is hot in your category of product.
Created By: grandmasretirement62
On: Apr 30, 2014

Great Analyzer! AAAAA+++++++++++++
Great Analyzer! AAAAA+++++++++++++
Created By: pazamba
On: Apr 20, 2014

Helpful app
It took me a little bit to get the hang of it, but it was worth it. This really helps me figure out what I am doing well or not so well.
Created By: collegedreaminkid
On: Apr 07, 2014

Created By: juststuff4sale2011
On: Apr 05, 2014

Excellent App
I love the Marketplace Analyzer! Helps make the big decisions easier. Thank you!!
Created By: cachejewels
On: Apr 02, 2014

nice app
good app for helping us
Created By: the_co_respects
On: Mar 01, 2014

.Easy to use real time App!
This app works and works fast to give you a reality check of the currant market. Very helpful in many different areas in an all in one app.
Created By: wildaoverthetop
On: Feb 05, 2014

very good application
very good application let us know what the most we should sell
Created By: uraratk2013
On: Feb 04, 2014

Excellent, great work
Created By: judaprice
On: Jan 28, 2014

slow and stupid
after putting in the information in fields, it stalls
Created By: gorillamotors2014
On: Jan 27, 2014

An awesome replacement for that Niche Market App that had the right idea but lacked timely updating.
For anyone with an interest in getting rich by becoming a power seller on eBay I believe this App is key and you can't help but love that it's free. Now we can focus on the most rewarding parts of selling on eBay like customer service and... Oh yeah, What to with all the money were going to make. Thanks for the hand up eBay.
Created By: giftedscoutforyou
On: Jan 09, 2014

Great but a little more than what I need
Created By: mscwhite
On: Jan 08, 2014

Great App
Great App
Created By: 04land
On: Dec 24, 2013

Wonderful FREE app
This app provides significant insight into how products are selling, what seems to work for various listings, and provides data needed when making purchase orders for the best possible and predictable yield with all things considered. Thank you for this App.
Created By: fredsfancyretail2013
On: Dec 23, 2013

The Book Worm eStore Loves this Application Specializing in collectible, unique books
The Book Worm eStore Loves this Application Specializing in collectible, unique books
Created By: book.worm.estore
On: Dec 01, 2013

Forwards you to Chinese wholesalers.
Its just a ploy to another application they want you to pay for. All Chinese wholesalers. YUK!!! I am deleting right away. Ebay turning into big Chinese mall.
Created By: studioredo
On: Nov 10, 2013

helps me know what is hot item
This is an absolute must if you want to direct your efforts to a positive flow of goods that sell
Created By: miloiii_tashas
On: Nov 06, 2013

Created By: lonn.partin
On: Oct 28, 2013

this aftership widget is great
I love keeping up with my tracking of my sales and with aftership I can do just that in just a couple of clicks everything is uploaded from my sales an I see all my tracked items on one page. thanks ebay for making this item free.
Created By: rpedigo67
On: Oct 18, 2013

analying items over 1200 days old thats almost 4 years cmon guys
No reason to have this app consistently analyze items 2 3 and 4 years ago. Useless. Trend in ebays selling tool gives me more hope
Created By: sportsfanaticsgifts
On: Oct 13, 2013

Good start, but very slow to return results
Very slow to return data. A good start.
Created By: shielding09
On: Sep 27, 2013

t-shirt men
t-shirt and design screen
Created By: pcnforklift2013
On: Aug 03, 2013

Waste of money, canceling doesn't make it easy.
IMO, $29 per month is not worth it when selling couple of items. Once sign up, Canceling doesn't make it easy .
Created By: malistore
On: May 04, 2013

Huh? What does this App tell you?
Don't get it. It is useful how? Just because the APP grings back a large blog of data, so what! It does not analyze it and make recommendations. No help at all. Waste of time.
Created By: 123helloworld
On: Apr 26, 2013

Great apps
Very convinient
Created By: uthmaniyah2013
On: Apr 15, 2013

Not accurate
They say that a listing that sells 101 items in 400 days is a better seller than a listing that sells 99 items in 4 days. Do the math, I would much rather sell 99 items in 4 days. Most of their top sellers are items that have been listed over 100 days. You can however use it to find out who your competitors are in the market.
Created By: scrappincowgirl
On: Jan 17, 2013

Not sure how good this is going to do
Entered "Jewelry" and the top rated was for a rolling jewelry case with 601 watchers, Not sure why 601 watchers for a 36.00 suitcase. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Created By: paulinesestatesales
On: Jan 14, 2013

Love it
great information!
Created By: daisyjoy
On: Jan 01, 2013

Good, I like it
I think it would be very helpful.
Created By: cherguoguo
On: Dec 30, 2012