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Auctiva Find and Replace

By Auctiva Corporation  (released Nov 17, 2009)
Revise live eBay listings in bulk! Auctiva Find and Replace allows you to search all your live eBay listings for a word or phrase and replace with new information in just a few clicks.
Categories: Inventory, Listing
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Key features

  • Completely FREE--no trial, no restrictions, no advertisements.
  • Unlimited use--find and replace text in just 1 listing or 1,000 listings.
  • Changes are made on live eBay listings within minutes.
  • Search for text by whole-word or partial words.
  • Find text using case-sensitive searches.
  • Change descriptions in some or all of the targeted listings.
  • Changes are made in accordance with eBay's policies.
  • Easily undo find-and-replace changes.
  • Functionality is within an easy-to-use interface.
  • Includes free 24x7 technical support.
  • Has international language support.


Auctiva Find and Replace allows you to edit the descriptions of multiple live eBay listings at once. With Auctiva Find and Replace you can search for words or phrases in listing descriptions, and replace them with other text.

With the easy-to-use Auctiva Find and Replace, you can significantly reduce your workload and save time. Better yet... it's free with unlimited use!

Consider some scenarios:

  • You just posted 100 listings with an embarrassing typographical error in the description. To correct each listing individually could take hours. With Auctiva Find and Replace, the error would be corrected in a matter of minutes.
  • A new eBay policy requires that you exclude certain information from your listing description. It would require more than 8 hours to change each individual listing at a blazing speed of 1 minute per listing. With Auctiva Find and Replace, the task is completed in a few button clicks.

Auctiva Find and Replace is one of Auctiva's many free services designed to help eBay sellers build their brands, market their products and sell efficiently through eBay.

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