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Thank You Emails

By 3DSellers  (released Mar 14, 2014)
Easily increase repeat sales with Thank You Emails! Thank You Emails will automatically send a Thank You Email to each of your buyers recommending other items that you offer. This way you can build great customer relationships AND increase repeat sales.
Categories: Customer support, Marketing & merchandising
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Since subscribing, I have had so many compliments on the Thank You emails sent
I have had numerous repeat customers due to the Thank You emails. I know that some don't open and read them but if it works for getting my customers to my store then it is well worth the cost per month. Thanks again
Created By: verstraete589
On: May 02, 2017

Best way to thank a customer on eBay
It's like customer service with cross selling at the same time. It doesn't get any better than this... the bomb
Created By: evirtualdeals
On: Mar 05, 2017

Excellent Application
Thank You Emails has dramatically improved our feedback remarks about good communication. Buyers like getting information about their purchase and this application helps to do that. Would recommend that you try this. We have not had a single complaint from customers about too much communication.
Created By: americansurplus2012
On: Jan 20, 2017

Does what it claims...Great instrument to use for your Customers
Created By: canalkatz
On: Nov 20, 2016

so many people has complimented me on this application
so many people has complimented me on this application
Created By: karenstreasures2016
On: Nov 01, 2016

Love it!
I love this system to make sure that my customers are well taken care of.
Created By: feeding9onadime
On: Sep 28, 2016

Created By: g-globall
On: Aug 07, 2016

Works well, and the free price makes it even better.
Created By: namebranddiscounterbrian
On: Jul 16, 2016

A must have!
I seriously love this service and highly recommend! The availability to access customers is the best way for creating repeat business and build buyers adding you to their favorites. I love the communication it builds my customers and myself. Very personable!
Created By: danna
On: May 04, 2016

Great Feature
Provides a lot of repeat customers
Created By: briawilliam9
On: Mar 28, 2016

Awesome App!
Highly needed app. I often forget to thank those customers that I highly value. There are some awesome buyers out there that deserve a thanks! Great app!
Created By: mijnil2007
On: Mar 17, 2016

Does what it's supposed to do really well.
Provides an opportunity to present other items in which the buyer may have interest.
Created By: varisell
On: Mar 04, 2016

So Easy
This is the best thing since sliced bread! Makes keeping in touch with your customers very easy! Just make a few simple design choices and let the app do the rest!
Created By: johnnysbooksnmore
On: Mar 03, 2016

Works great
I get several add-on orders because of this automated e-mail solution. My customers are also happier because they get a e-mail when their fish have been shipped.
Created By: fltropfish
On: Feb 24, 2016

We love it
Great App
Created By: wholesalejewelry4us
On: Nov 13, 2015

Love it!
It works immediately. Love it. More apps like this one please thank you
Created By: erikarubisjewelrycollection
On: Oct 10, 2015

Excellent application
Created By: sasidesign
On: Oct 08, 2015

Created By: vivianshoe_store
On: Sep 19, 2015

Great app very helpful customer service
After I finally figured out how to contact customer service, they responded immediately and fixed my problem. Great app, emails look awesome, great customer service!!
Created By: pilgreenwheelsinc
On: Aug 25, 2015

Great App! Drives additional business
Seems to drive additional business.
Created By: dfwturtle$
On: Aug 05, 2015

Doesn't Work
Had this app for over a week and not one email has gone out.
Created By: bbellascloset
On: Jun 06, 2015

Created By: techronics-store
On: May 21, 2015

Love this feature, Save me some time and hopefully boost sales
Suggest customers other items that might interest them. GREAT idea
Created By: savingsprince
On: May 19, 2015

Way for them to make money for pushing YOUR sales.
Cannot set the pushing of your products to 0. They couldn't make money off the clicks if you did; so it makes sense. Unfortunately, I don't care to ram my products down my customer's throats to make these people more money. Great idea, though.
Created By: cellistics
On: May 13, 2015

Can not use because their SSL sertification is invalid.
I keep getting access errors that I can not bypass. sec_error_unknown_issuer
Created By: obbil
On: May 13, 2015

More of a product pusher than a thank you email app
Not at all what the title suggests. This is mainly an app to push more of your items down the throat of your buyers than it is an app to send them a thank you message.
Created By: chadsparts
On: Apr 10, 2015

Great marketing tool
Limited customization, but a great marketing tool. You set the time for the emails to be sent after sales, shipping and reviews.
Created By: signagecafe
On: Apr 10, 2015

Love the custom thank you email to be sent after purchases.
Let's the buyer know they are appreciated and what else you are selling.
Created By: mkel4456
On: Mar 23, 2015

Pretty solid product.
I have had no issues with this product, but it does miss sending out an e-mail here and there. All in all it does a pretty good job and my customers seem to like the added communication.
Created By: storagelockerbuyer
On: Mar 22, 2015

Handy app
Seems to work well so far
Created By: chuckandeddies
On: Mar 12, 2015

Great App
Very helpful if you have a good, consistent flow of customers. I'd definitely recommend!
Created By: baby.beauty.and.health
On: Feb 08, 2015

Thank you Emails are great, very nice touch!
I do believe the thank you Emails are great. They add a nice touch.
Created By: adamscynth
On: Jan 27, 2015

Best Site Ever
Long Time Customer Here
Created By: worldclassplayingcards
On: Dec 23, 2014

Love sending Thank You Emails
I really like this application. I think it is a great way to advertise my other items.
Created By: susan338031
On: Dec 09, 2014

Horrible and Zero Customer Support
Never again will I try an app where there is absolutely no personal customer support. FAQ's and Ask a Question links are unacceptable in this 24/7 internet business. Don't get sucked into this one ... you'll be sorry!
Created By: 9250laurie
On: Nov 22, 2014

A great service
Though I have not officially linked any new sales to my use of this service, it's just nice to have the option for an automatic email that both thanks my customer's and advertises related products. All in all, just a good service to have.
Created By: zivasboutique
On: Nov 22, 2014

Sporadic but OK when it works
Very nice app with good features but doesn't work as it should. Very sporadic and stops working and stops sending out Thank You notices. I have to keep checking to see if messages are going out. some are, some are not, and then it stops totally. Message resets and have to re-write message.
Created By: moomettes
On: Nov 14, 2014

Thank God For This App!!!!
Created By: samyr4864
On: Oct 23, 2014

Easy and a great app
this app sends a thank you email to my customers after they purchase from me on Ebay. it includes items that they may also be interested in. this gives me a chance to sell more and to automatically communicate with my buyers. easy to customize even if you don't have an Ebay store, like me.
Created By: barriotlikestoyz
On: Oct 11, 2014

Very nice and easy way of doing marketing! Automatic and hassle-free
This is the best way to showcase your items to buyers. Subtle, classy and easy to integrate.
Created By: titojordao
On: Oct 09, 2014

Awesome apps worth the money
Awesome apps worth the money
Created By: haldanecreations
On: Oct 04, 2014

It has saved me a lot of time and keeps my valuable customers happy!
Created By: giantcaribbeanseeds
On: Aug 24, 2014

Great app!!!!
Not only did I have buyers buy from me again, but also my buyers are happier and as a result leave better feedback!
Created By: mariothriftstore
On: Aug 12, 2014

Problems taken care of....
After numerous emails, problems we were having with this app were taken care of. Their first line of customer service needs improvement.
Created By: captain..j
On: Aug 07, 2014

Love it...
Nice and very use full for Ebay seller recommended.
Created By: arroyo6422
On: Jul 16, 2014

Very helpful to thank your customers.
I like this app it is necessary to keep my customers happy.
Created By: vpiza2012
On: Jul 02, 2014

Such a great way to communicate with my buyers and make sure they are happy and also a great way to get more sales!
Created By: southernswapshop
On: Jun 12, 2014

Great App You Shouldn't Be Without!
This is an amazing app which you have total control over. Probably the most important aspect is you are thanking the customer for their purchase. The app also shows hyper-linked images of some of your other products to help promote them. On several occasions (you can set the time for the E-Mail to go out after the sale), I like ten minutes, I noticed several more sales from the same customers who purchased just an half hour ago. It is an awesome marketing tool at a great price. Thanks 3DSelllers, Eddie
Created By: bully121253
On: Jun 07, 2014

Great app
Does just what it says..easy set up-works great!
Created By: scoobie458
On: Jun 02, 2014

This is an awesome app for customer appreciation
Thank you notes are sent out as soon as the customer purchases an item you design the thank you note, its great!!!
Created By: missmcduffstuff01
On: May 16, 2014

Love it!
This is a great app for any ebay seller, I love that I can choose an email template and link it with my Facebook page!
Created By: thrilling_thea
On: May 12, 2014

Great addition to my thank you note
I love adding a thank you note to each purchase, but this is a great addition since its sent to the buyer right away and shows them your other items on ebay.
Created By: robertomejiayahoo
On: May 12, 2014

Must Have App!
This is definitely a must have app for any seller! Ive always been looking for an app that will send automated thank you emails to buyers and im so glad I finally found it!
Created By: imatt_d
On: Mar 17, 2014

Really helpful app!
I found this app really helpful in getting buyers to check out my other items and increasing repeat sales!
Created By: onlinesellings
On: Mar 16, 2014