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Storefront Pro

By Storefront Pro  (released Aug 02, 2013)
Ready for an exciting presence that really stands out? Previously, you had to hire an expensive professional to sync your eBay items to a website. Now with Storefront Pro, you can in a few clicks!
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Checkout
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Screen shot 0
Screen shot 1
won't help at all
i used it for almost a month i didn't get any customers !!!
Created By: isaacwholesale
On: Aug 07, 2018

Never worked
This app never worked. No response from storefront pro to resolve the issue but they sure never missed billing my account for it. Would not recommend.
Created By: litlids
On: Jun 07, 2018

Positive Experience
The storefront pro has been a positive experience in helping me sell my items. I would highly recommend it to all.
Created By: melissreza0
On: Apr 28, 2018

Nice and Easy
Created By: we.love.handmade
On: Apr 21, 2018

Created By: trainsandcollectibles
On: Mar 30, 2018

Look the look of my store and my sales have increased!!
I would recommend Store front to everyone with a store...
Created By: ivan353
On: Mar 27, 2018

nothing changed
I dont see anything different in my ad , therefore I dont need it please cancel and dont charge me
Created By: swaneykess1029
On: Mar 05, 2018

like !!
Created By: jame28587
On: Feb 05, 2018

love the look!!
love the look!! so easy to get a truly professional look to my listings!!
Created By: asensorything
On: Dec 31, 2017

Love it!!
Very easy to use with everything you need to describe your store
Created By: lrlonga
On: Dec 08, 2017

DEC. 3RD No contact back from customer support they dont exist! I have errors and no one to talk to about it! I dont want to change my review after i write this i want everyone to stay away! Duh! Good thing i went thru paypal cause i blocked these MFers!
Created By: buyto87
On: Dec 03, 2017

Ease of use...
I love this program. It has made displaying my items look so professional. l have spent long hard hours on websites and the ease of use for this program is amazing. I think I was done creating my page in ten minutes and that was just because I couldn't decide from the great choices they offer. 5 Stars all the way. WTG!
Created By: tumbleweedtradingllc
On: Dec 03, 2017

so easy to use
easy to use my page looks awesome
Created By: mindilbrown01
On: Dec 02, 2017

I have had an unusual encounter with storefront pro but it seems the problem is getting worked out
It is something new and you pay much less for this store than an actual subscription to ebay. ebay also handles everything for this store. congrats
Created By: vintageluvr0
On: Nov 28, 2017

nice job
nice job
Created By: cot-26
On: Nov 24, 2017

I have used this app for more than a year. I am quite satisfied for the most part.
Storefront pro is an attractive and functional app for the store owner on the go who wants a professional look. You select your color and layout options and forget about it. I am bewildered though, that some of my customers see my generic, old unimaginative Ebay store, while others get the flashy storefront experience. There really is no comparison, and Storefront's low pricing is not bad on the budget either.
Created By: archer710
On: Nov 13, 2017

I paid for it and never was able to use it
They charged me knowing eBay does not allow them to use the Language required so they redirect you to another web-site URL. When they inform you with e-mail of this fact you cancel and they dont give you your money back. Rip-off
Created By: hdc-hiteck
On: Nov 13, 2017

Very Poor Selection
It has a very poor selection on everything. Was very disappointed, I will unsubscribe. :(
Created By: dcybermind
On: Nov 03, 2017

Created By: everythingbuttheordinary
On: Oct 12, 2017

biggest rip off joke ever, go away please
Created By: advantageous
On: Sep 25, 2017

Storefront Sucks
No customer support / listings littered with no photobucket 3rd party support unless you want to pay them TOO for BS support
Created By: griffin_trader
On: Sep 23, 2017

Do not buy or ever use, going away for good and should be
worst application and waste of money I have spent. Do not waste your time or money. Very unhappy with my experience and eBay users can not even view it. That deserves 1 star don't you think? Just trying to save you the trouble
Created By: pocketchange1
On: Sep 19, 2017

Never showed up on my storefront. Hard to cancel.
Horrible. Do it yourself and the application is hard to use. Hard to cancel, especially since I didn't know I had activated it. It didn't show up on my storefront. But I got the bill!
Created By: rainniac
On: Sep 18, 2017

My Storefront Looks Amazing
Easy Setup. My storefront looks amazing
Created By: bluemeannie
On: Sep 12, 2017

I like it and will continue but I don't know how to incorporate the new page with the old page so that
My customers can find my new page also how do you make a logo I tried unsuccessfully.
Created By: djones1954
On: Sep 07, 2017

A terrible company to do business with
A terrible company to do business with
Created By: canvaswallart4you
On: Jul 08, 2017

I really like the look of this storefront
Well it's just like they say,they fix it up for you,I think mine looks very nice,I have just begun with this so I can't say to much wait yet ,but so far it's great.
Created By: 4everlonely777_8
On: May 25, 2017

I love the new look!
I'm still in the trial stage but so far it's great!
Created By: planetantiques55
On: May 14, 2017

Not updating my items for sale very slow
I liked the store front in the free trial phase the day I paid for the service it stopped working
Created By: sidwisc
On: Apr 19, 2017

quick, easy, and beautiful
it allowed me to use my own images in the logo and theme
Created By: h-miller-706
On: Apr 15, 2017

Good Product Wish it was a little more flexible
For it being the pro version you would think that you could automatically make both your ebay store and it match but that doesn't happen
Created By: hidden_treasures_resale
On: Jan 27, 2017

Created By: eclipsesolar
On: Jan 23, 2017

Great starter, very easy to set up, looks great
I ran across this application while looking through eBay seller apps. With a click of a link I was able to see what my store front may look with with my products listed. It Looked Great. I have developing a Shopify site for a couple months now and haven't gotten anywhere close to being able to display my products online. This was a quick and easy to put my products our there while I finish up my Shopify site. Thanks Storefront Pro you took a lot of stress off of my opening and launch. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Created By: reelsticksystems
On: Jan 08, 2017

Does Not Work
Very Disappointed, sent emails for help, no response
Created By: all1cour
On: Dec 21, 2016

Very easy to use. Simple.
Created By: antiquusjewelryandantiquities
On: Dec 08, 2016

ok , but does not come up when going onto page
make it work
Created By: godthrae
On: Nov 29, 2016

Doesn't work. Waste of money.
It says that once I install Storefront Pro, it will automatically populate with the products I have listed on eBay. It's been 4 days since I installed it and still no sign of any items that I currently have on eBay.
Created By: ric6299-ersoeijx
On: Oct 12, 2016

Created By: bigbug40
On: Oct 12, 2016

Nice theme options
so far so good. just set it up
Created By: southbeachfashion9thst
On: Oct 03, 2016

Waist of time and $$
Storefront page takes 10 min to download.
Created By: gregw65
On: Sep 15, 2016

Awesome app
Great. Very easy
Created By: dalilreeve0
On: Aug 30, 2016

I at times see a peak in sales.
Created By: jaweigle
On: Aug 26, 2016

loving this app!
i looked at several online market places, this one was the fastest and easiest to set up for me, and the least expensive monthly subscription, i sold several art pieces within 12 hours of setting up this storefront app. couldn't be happier with it!
Created By: buymydirt
On: Aug 24, 2016

good and bad
I like the look but could be easier to use
Created By: memaws-treasures
On: Aug 17, 2016

I did see a rise in sales after setting up my pro storefront!
Provides an extra storefront online that looks professional and boosted sales. Effectiveness was big at first but then market dropped for my items, and can't know if this app became less effective.
Created By: the_antique_archives
On: Aug 14, 2016

This is a great app and was easy to set up
it gives my storefront a more professional appearance
Created By: hookzthreadznthingz
On: Aug 01, 2016

Everyone needs this app
I had only 24 views in three months and with the store front 5 in one day
Created By: classylad21
On: Jul 23, 2016

Amazingly simply to use
My store.looks very.professional
Created By: 2mutchlaura
On: Jul 07, 2016

Love this ! Fast..easy...and so classy looking ! our customers love it ! 5 stars !
Storefront Pro really makes a huge difference in your web business - we experienced instant sales on this web based look ! very easy to share the link to your store too ! easy fast set up ! love it can't say enough about it !
Created By: george0500
On: Jul 04, 2016

I like how the photos are displayed.
Created By: collectiblesbylaura
On: Jun 26, 2016

Little to No Help from Support
I have tried to get help three times from Support. I'm new to the eBay store community and I was trying to load a professional made Logo to my Storefront. Three times I asked and three times I received no help. So I'm through with them!
Created By: jrlorenzo
On: Jun 22, 2016

Nice App.
Looks good.
Created By: cardmangbb
On: Jun 19, 2016

Fantastic love it !
Been using it for over a year now. Had a few problems setting it up but the support was great and have used it and loved it ever since !
Created By: stevecollectables15
On: Jun 15, 2016

Excellent App until it wasn't...
So here I am directing people to my store by pointing them to my website which pointed to my storefront pro page. Someone said it wasn't loading. "huh", I said and began my investigation. I ended up emailing for help and received an reply saying the following: "On 4/5/16, eBay announced in their Spring Seller Update they will no longer allow active content on listings and in storefronts. Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, and other dynamic content, ...blah blah blah". Sorry, I hung up my IT hat years ago for a peaceful retirement without having to worry about all this mumbo nonsense. In the end, I ended up having to cancel the subscription as I wasn't about to waste time trying to figure out the rest of their email. Yet another policy change to make it once again more difficult for the average seller. Time to stick to my own website.
Created By: honeybyrd_hobbies
On: Jun 01, 2016

The process was relatively simple. I like the store presentation.
The process was simple and I like what was done.
Created By: thomafrenc4
On: May 31, 2016

makes my store look like a professional
more sales for sure
Created By: ricks1909svdb
On: May 30, 2016

Easy to set up and personalize.
I am a new subscriber. So far I am excited about the additional venue to my online business.
Created By: greeneme
On: Apr 28, 2016

Haven't got to see it live but the preview looked awesome!
I won't really know until I have it for a bit but it was amazing in the preview and I can't wait to have it live, but I have a question and will have to find where I can get it answered weather or not I still need acutiva anymore?
Created By: vulcanriders_1
On: Apr 28, 2016

Storefront Pro provides a very simple, well designed storefront at a reasonable cost.
Very easy steps to create a professional looking storefront, however, desire more features (billboard or sign for sales, statements etc.). Therefore, cannot commit at this time. Thank you for the free trial!
Created By: isle_wares07
On: Apr 27, 2016

Created By: cajunqueen1962
On: Mar 25, 2016

needs more options
i wish it more options for arranging your items on the page. different configurations.
Created By: tjeffrey1979
On: Mar 23, 2016

Great tool
Love how easy it is to set up...
Created By: berns-aaro
On: Jan 26, 2016

worth the few dollars they charge
its basic but it works, had a couple questions and they responded quickly by email
Created By: cdm_motorsports
On: Jan 21, 2016

Quick and Easy To Use
I have never dealt with an app that was so easy for me to set-up, and get connected to Facebook to also promote the store. This is great stuff guys! Thank You, Jack Williams.
Created By: celebfotos19807
On: Jan 12, 2016

Using the basic storefront is simply beautiful to me. The options of managing my store is so easy.
Being new to eBay, I simply wanted to see if I could do some selling on my own. Choosing Storefront Pro have made selling my goods a great experience. Although I am still learning, I am happy to have simple instructions to manage my store. I love the look and description type on my selling items. It is very professional and attractive store front..at least to my eyes. Thanks for the help!!
Created By: colus-wc9072o
On: Dec 31, 2015

Not to pleased
It looks alright, but how do you make changes? How can I display my Special Offer?
Created By: phantomwarrior1327
On: Dec 26, 2015

very basic and limited in features and designs for your store
very basic and limited in features and designs for your store
Created By: your_one_stop_eshop
On: Nov 27, 2015

Up and Running in 120 +/- minutes
Not a bad little App for the price. However, for $60/year, little things could vastly improve upon it. Items such as font color as well as text placement (and perhaps fonts themselves). I had to create a banner with my own titles and colors so that some text items could be read. It would also be a nice feature to be in control of the layout colors as well. I also had to do a double take on how to get the store to display. Be sure to take a good look at the 2nd paragraph under Access. If you are using the new eBay storefront you'll need to switch back to the old storefront. Overall, after playing with the menu items for about 15 minutes, it's quick to grab and install. It's also good to be versed in Photoshop or another photo editing software, to make a customized header. Bottom line, with my own customizing of the header, I had an up and running nice looking storefront in less than 2 hours.
Created By: too-technical
On: Nov 27, 2015

Very good and happy with the look can do better with customization
Can be a bit better if there would be the option of adding boxes to write in the About page.
Created By: thekingofdeals-0054
On: Nov 24, 2015

It way very easy to setup
I was worried about setting up my own website. But this made it very simple and easy. Thank you so much
Created By: jagwreachingjunkies
On: Nov 23, 2015

Love the way this app cleans up any rookie mistakes in the store!! very user friendly and fast!!
Created By: smithbenz420
On: Nov 23, 2015

Perfect solution for those of us who don't have time to revamp our stores, fast and easy.
Created By: cmthomas31795
On: Nov 20, 2015

Quick - Easy - Professional
Fast easy way to creat ea professional looking store
Created By: mr_bullterrier
On: Nov 18, 2015

Very easy and flexible.
It does more than expected for the price. Easy to use and looks good.
Created By: gypsierose
On: Nov 18, 2015

Professional looking
The Storefront Pro is soooo easy to use. Looks professional and increases sales. I am very happy with it.
Created By: arazol-music
On: Nov 18, 2015

App is outdated- eBay implemented new storefront looks
Contacted customer service twice and never heard back. This is an automated app to make money. They are no where to be found!
Created By: nationofvintage
On: Nov 18, 2015

Created By: homegym2013
On: Nov 15, 2015

the best product you can get
super easy. i set up in literally 15 minutes. thanks guys!
Created By: fordsphoto
On: Nov 13, 2015

Great tool, it is simple and helps sales.
Great tool, it is simple and helps sales.
Created By: infinitebaffler
On: Oct 17, 2015

I love the display of my items. It looks so professional. Thanks so much
Created By: angelduda
On: Oct 17, 2015

don't waste time or money! this app is way too annoying and theres no support!
Created By: fashionworld516
On: Oct 11, 2015

Very Very Pleased
I love the way my store front looks very professional just what I needrd
Created By: littleonesunlimited
On: Sep 28, 2015

I can see the Page in my e bay
I did, but i can not see any changes in my e bay store.
Created By: gpt_carparts
On: Sep 22, 2015

Created By: vivianshoe_store
On: Sep 19, 2015

Very Easy setup Store front looks great
This makes my store front look great and have gotten more sales because of it. Thanks
Created By: maingate721
On: Sep 12, 2015

Cost too high
Provided very little and cost too high.
Created By: mooregallerybooks
On: Sep 10, 2015

Created By: sportscardsandmore2015
On: Sep 05, 2015

THE BEST++++++++++A+++++++++++
Created By: walroseb
On: Aug 21, 2015

could use
I tried it couldn't use saying my ebay account was not linked to my bank account when I know it was
Created By: jsprestigeautoshinesupplies
On: Aug 21, 2015

Excellent. It gives you everything you need to run a profesional store.
Great Customer Service.
Created By: familytiesjewelry
On: Aug 09, 2015

Great App Can't Afford Apologies
Please Cancel ASAP
Created By: tdmllc5thedestinymanifestollc
On: Aug 08, 2015

It's professionally done; I get great service; couldn't ask for more
I love having a store front that looks so professional and let's me do customization. If I have a problem, support is very responsive - I almost feel guilty; no one else provides a service like this for the price.
Created By: adelsten-gmbh
On: Jun 29, 2015

Great Store Front * Easy to Navigate
Was very easy to setup, and a interface built in to work with your Ebay store. Gives a professional look to your store. Would highly recommend.
Created By: just-like-new-nc
On: Jun 28, 2015

Easy and fantastic!
In a word ~ Effortless
Created By: camilasemporium
On: Jun 23, 2015

Not much help
not much to choose from and I think Im not stuck paying $4.99 a month even if I unsubscribe.
Created By: glamsprimadonna
On: May 27, 2015

My store went from shabby to Fabulous!! This is great!!
I was just posting things at random like EBay instructed, then I found Storefront pro. Now my items are featured and it looks like a real store.
Created By: pandora4666
On: May 20, 2015

Great App, Worked Like A Charm with a Push of a Button, Great App for Beginners!!
Easy to use, Simple Integration, Great customer service. For E bay sellers looking to make their storefront look better with a push of a button. I wish all programs were this simple. Great Job!!!
Created By: abargain.ak1
On: May 15, 2015

Created By: 2015_snno
On: May 07, 2015

Very Very VERY easy to setup - great app for minimal cost - increases visibility on web -
Created By: yogiparts
On: May 04, 2015

Application was quick and efficient.
It was very easy to do.
Created By: nscaletrainsjoe
On: Apr 23, 2015

Nice and clean....
Easy to set up and nice clean look... wish you had a few more options like colors and layouts and maybe some sort of message board for all shoppers to see... But love it and it works as described!
Created By: woolyworth
On: Apr 07, 2015

helped alot
looks good
Created By: dixiemeadow
On: Mar 29, 2015

Love this app, easy for new sellers!
A must have app, easy to set up and worth every penny!
Created By: slozano1
On: Mar 28, 2015

Nice and easy
Needs more templates!
Created By: d-ldymc-vfwiqbtb
On: Mar 02, 2015

Absolute garbage! Not what they claim it to be.
THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU A STOREFRONT ON EBAY and after a month I have yet to hear from their "support team" they do not respond to their emails, period! This is in no way a good value or will help you in marketing your products. Don't bother.
Created By: obsidianights
On: Feb 24, 2015

Unbelievably easy to create a professional image.
I have been building another website with the help of another program I purchased recently for $49.99. I have been working on getting it set the way I want it for 3 days now and still do not have all the details worked out the way I want it yet. With this program it took me less than 20 to get set up and running.
Created By: pretestreats
On: Feb 17, 2015

Why do the changes I made using StorePro not show up when i go to my store?
I am just learning but I cannot find the changes that I made using your app.on
Created By: park_paig
On: Jan 25, 2015

Very good ap
easy to use, working nice
Created By: thaigemstore
On: Jan 23, 2015

Good working basic application - No frills though
The templates are very limited and not very appealing.
Created By: vikingsurpluscenter
On: Jan 20, 2015

Inital product review
Great product, easy to use and technical support for any questions I had. My store was up and running instantly!! Bob
Created By: rrbowes
On: Jan 12, 2015

Does it do anything other than reformating the ebay data?
Geez... I was expecting the ability to add, edit and delete my items. All this does is use a website address and reformat the ebay items. When you click on an item in this store, it just goes back to ebay. Any user can already reformat their ebay screen to look similar. Not even close to being worth the monthly fee. And you can't even see this store anywhere. It doesn't add to your listing your store address or anything. Useless to me.
Created By: leiterstradingpost
On: Jan 10, 2015

Awesome Fast App.
Relatively easy, but not always for me, but I'm getting there.
Created By: kimberlys-precious-treasures
On: Jan 06, 2015

Very professional looking site.
Liked the results,,wished there were a few more themes to choose from. But the ones they used were good.
Created By: tmacaz
On: Dec 23, 2014

Makes an attractive store if you don't opperate on sale recognition
I run on sales to help maintain profit levels. Notification that an item is reduced is key and this does not provide this feature. Loved the look overall and a great and easy to use feature overall.
Created By: fossileyes
On: Dec 23, 2014

User Friendly and Very Clean Store Front I Like it Very Much.Looks Very Professional
And you can?t beat the price .
Created By: emeraldcitysdeals2014
On: Dec 05, 2014

Created By: mitmitter
On: Nov 21, 2014

Very poor service. No one ever reply s to your question s. Just take your money
Created By: catmond9sik
On: Nov 20, 2014

Easy to use
Storefront pro is a very easy to use application that makes your Store Stand Out awesome. For new store owners and owners that do heavy volume, this is the App for you
Created By: omaandopa1973
On: Nov 11, 2014

I love it
I look for software to project a professional image and this is the only one I liked. Also, I get excellent support. I'm really happy.
Created By: adelstein-gmbh
On: Nov 08, 2014

Very limited abilities to customize your store
I would have like to change the color of the tabs from Red to Purple but could not. The theme tab is very, very limited and should give you the option of picking not only the theme font but also the color.
Created By: purplebirdiestore
On: Nov 06, 2014

Good alternative
Created By: dan0812danny
On: Nov 01, 2014

Nice look
Nice clean look, but I wish I had more template choices.
Created By: icelinkjewelry
On: Nov 01, 2014

Server not hosted by Ebay . Slow
Eliminates back button for shoppers.Always opens new tab.Not shopper friendly. Slow loading. Sales slow down. Save your money.
Created By: crowsports
On: Oct 31, 2014

Not Pleased with it!
The store needs much Better Themes added to it. Better Layouts too especially for those people just starting out and cannot afford expensive themes right at first! Be Nice and Help Us Succeed not FAIL!
Created By: tmroyster1234
On: Oct 31, 2014

Closed a few weeks ago, store locked stuck on load...
Closed this app and now my store is locked with what looks to be the store I had. Just keeps loading... No reset. Waste of money, should be free.
Created By: uscamogear
On: Oct 26, 2014

Great experience
Totally pleased, very easy app to use because they do it all for you.
Created By: j.j3847
On: Oct 22, 2014

How to convert your e-bay store into the Storefront created by this app!
YOU ARE ABLE TO CONVERT YOUR E-BAY STORE INTO THE STOREFRONT CREATED BY THIS APP AND HERE IS HOW: to make the storefront into your eBay store -reset your store to its original form and click "Turn eBay Store Integration ON." I was unaware of the ability to do this and recently rated this app giving it only 4 Stars. My awareness of this capability results in my changing to a 5 STAR RATING! THIS IS AN EXCELLENT APP WITH AFFORDABLE PRICING! and I highly recommend it.
Created By: mandj888
On: Oct 17, 2014

Simple, Nice, Clean Look
A bit too simple, no social icons or other widgets.
Created By: dtclifetools
On: Oct 16, 2014

First Class Tool
I was able to simply and easily design my new store front using a combination of the preset templates and my own images which I uploaded... The result a highly professional storefront that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.
Created By: kevinm223
On: Oct 13, 2014

With one click my store was set up. I love it, the process was easy and the monthly payment is nice
The instructions were simple and easy to follow even for someone with limited computer experience. I am happy that I am able to show all of my hats under my store name. My customers will be able to find my store and merchandise without having much difficulty.
Created By: nanet_wyatt
On: Oct 12, 2014

I love the look and feel using this application give my store
Created By: binkyscloset
On: Oct 06, 2014

looks good, loads pretty fast but no enter button on store search price was 4.99 bill $7.99
looks good loads pretty fast but no enter button on store search price was 4.99 bill $7.99 cancelled
Created By: gearmil
On: Oct 05, 2014

Awesome! Great store front!!!
Created By: shahire
On: Oct 04, 2014

great storefront
the service worked as described.. looks great and for a great price. Very easy to use
Created By: eh8725
On: Sep 30, 2014

I like Storefront Pro. The pictures are crisp and the site looks very professional.
The only thing I wish I could do is keep my latest items up top when a customer clicks on a certain category. I have tried to keep the new stuff at the top, but it retracts back to best match. A few more features would probably help, like "Coming soon" maybe this is not the place for it. It's just a suggestion.
Created By: jmae1950
On: Sep 27, 2014

I found it to be slow compared to the eBay store. The categories would, not all the time but they were slow to load the listings. Also, I removed the twice and I'm receiving a bill for it. You can see that the app was removed from the "MANAGE APPLICATIONS" tab but was actually not removed when you revert to the old eBay store. I'm sorry, I did not use the app for the 7 day trial period and will not be paying the bill.
Created By: buy-it-now-surplus-warehouse
On: Sep 26, 2014

Clean UI
Great price, no issues
Created By: skyedealz
On: Sep 24, 2014

Wish there was a little more options for header views and header wording colors
Great APP!
Created By: possibleproducts
On: Sep 23, 2014

looks good
Great look for the store love it. I recommend this app. I think everyone should have Storefront Pro.
Created By: debbiegoodgoods732
On: Sep 18, 2014

Very easy to use and looks great!
Very easy to use and looks great!
Created By: fourkickz99
On: Sep 04, 2014

Easy to use, very easy
This was by far the easiest thing I've ever done on eBay and the result is fantastic. My store looks 1000 times better than it did...A++++ rating
Created By: ecigvape
On: Sep 03, 2014

Great App for Dynamic store look
I like this app. Customer service is great. Some times product loads quite slow and less option to customize other than that everything is perfect. Great app.
Created By: gacusa2012
On: Sep 02, 2014

Very nice Store Front App
The only thing I would improve is more picture choices. Also choice for holiday decor for your store.
Created By: cherylssoutherncharm
On: Sep 01, 2014

I like it! Is like having a Web Page!
Created By: faith-ultd
On: Aug 28, 2014

Great Store Designs
Great Store designs
Created By: acs-performance-clutches
On: Aug 26, 2014

waste of time
you cant list a simple product...after spending nearly 5 hours trying to list my products I gave up... very poor and NOT user friendly
Created By: twsuscom
On: Aug 26, 2014

Easy to set up, easy to use
Just getting started on Ebay and so far, I'm tickled with this Storefront Pro app I jumped right in and set it up in less than an hour, and we even used our own pics!
Created By: happybindy72
On: Aug 24, 2014

Pretty Darn Good
I have found setting this up is quite easy, just read and read again and of course follow the directions closely. The results are well worth it, my store has never looked so good, thank you!!
Created By: huntingtreasures4u
On: Aug 14, 2014

Awesome app!
Helped with sales greatly and very professional!
Created By: ssdmc
On: Aug 14, 2014

Having problems activing Storefront Pro
I cannot figure out how to activate the Storefront Pro. I found it difficult and I still have not figured it out. I can provide a better rating once it is properly working.
Created By: pigletcsk
On: Jul 31, 2014

not a lot of options
You do not provide enough banner or storefront options and most of what you do provide is much too bland.
Created By: sandys-toys
On: Jul 31, 2014

not enough options for storefront
You do not have enough options for storefronts with any pizazz to them not enough banner options.
Created By: antiquehunts
On: Jul 31, 2014

Great App
Effortlessly creates a nice looking store. Would always love more options, but they do a great job of making a good clean look!
Created By: central_valley_computer_parts_inc
On: Jul 31, 2014

Didn't like this application after subscribing for service, too basic.
Didn't like this application after subscribing for service, too basic. They still charge my PayPal after I've unsubscribed two weeks ago. Someone might say: "It's only $4.00", still it's not honest.
Created By: xml3
On: Jul 30, 2014

Not bad and great customer service.
I tried this out and decided for the features and the monthly cost it just wasn't worth it for me. I had a very pleasant experience with their customer service and certainly wouldn't tell people not to try this out. With me it simply comes down to personal tastes and what you get for the cost.
Created By: davesonlinedeals
On: Jul 09, 2014

nice looks, easy to use
easy to use, love that we can choose different backgrounds or upload our own.
Created By: jaz_products1980
On: Jun 27, 2014

This app is truly amazing, I love my new look, thank so much. I been searching for something like this for a long time.
Created By: luis5258
On: Jun 21, 2014

Putting items on or taking them off ? Could not change the sale banner?
Had items that were not in my inventory. Did not take sold Items off. As far as I can tell new Items were not put on. I could not change the sale banner to a new one. (Did all the stuff they say to change it but nothing worked. Sent 3 e-mails to them asking for there help and as of today still nothing from them. So now I have taken it off ( to Bad Looked good ) Now to see if I get them off the payroll?
Created By: lloydlc01
On: Jun 19, 2014

Captures a store front with professional design. Impressive
Since I only took part in the trial version, I'm not equipped to suggest its for your store, but can say it was a pleasant surprise to have my basic store click into a professional looking site .Great color in the right places and I just couldn't afford the additional monthly fee right now.But for those who could use some design flair and a bit extra $ monthly ,this is worth a peek. Not just for the design ,does it get the stars; but also, for the support service. Fast response, and that alone is a winner since I'm not tech savvy and can't afford to have my store in limbo if there's issues to resolve. I'll be back for this one , thanks John.
Created By: deandipp9
On: Jun 19, 2014

Not bad for the price
The integrated design for the store is actually very clean and well made. I wish there was a bit more freedom as far as the settings are concerned but for the price it's a pretty good deal.
Created By: soltech-security
On: Jun 13, 2014

not much to choose from
I was not happy with the templates or headers to chose from
Created By: cheever.gifts.and.collectibles
On: Jun 11, 2014

got everything set-up the way i would in no time at all. thanks
made it so I can use store
Created By: elephant.7
On: Jun 08, 2014

Very Happy This app.
easy set up looks professional and very affordable !!!
Created By: wedillz4u
On: Jun 07, 2014

what is this service for anyway?
No benefit none what so ever.
Created By: usa4styling
On: May 30, 2014

its just great thanl u all
great exspearance
Created By: tigershark49
On: May 24, 2014

StorefrontPro give you that professional appearance...
I loved the StorefrontPro and will use it again when I have lots to sell. Right now I am just selling things around the house, but when I get moved and get settled in, I will be back and will use it again.
Created By: mec0867
On: May 22, 2014

Good app.
I rated this app poor before, but customer service was great at fixing my issue, as well as digging further there is a lot more this app can help with saving time than meets the eye, worth a try.
Created By: egroghan
On: May 15, 2014

not very customizable
like the older style better, sales went down since upgrade
Created By: europeancarparts
On: May 15, 2014

Easy to use.
After I list a new item it is flwlessly added to my store with no further work to do. It is one click away when I bookmarked my store. Now I can instantly see what is going on in an instant.
Created By: gr8dealslady
On: May 11, 2014

I like the looks but I need to manage the duplications as they appear sometimes from ?
I like this app ok, but I find problems with managing it as others, but you have more control with this app. Right now I have duplicate items on and can't get them out of the store because they are auctions. I would like them out of the store. Any suggestions?
Created By: bid-win-now
On: May 08, 2014

excellent layout and placement of items for sale
very easy to use
Created By: eaglesbrother2otz
On: May 08, 2014

Started at .99 and the doubled w/ no warning
No a happy camper for a graphics template that does nothing on my homepage.
Created By: booknook054
On: May 04, 2014

it makes our store look really nice and i especially like to see our latest grandson.
the way she capture the items and how you display them was never an option with the old store on ebay. thanks Karen
Created By: bstnanny
On: Apr 27, 2014

Good Product, Wish It had SOOOO Much for to offer!
It is a simple format, no originality and a lot of simplicity. Wish we could do so much more with it. Some of my display product pictures are different sizes. Some big some small, it does not look nice on my store. Wish it could be fixed.
Created By: apparelinstyle
On: Apr 27, 2014

Very good
Very good
Created By: ekkarut
On: Apr 26, 2014

Beautiful designs
I just love it! Thanks.
Created By: jewelryme7
On: Apr 26, 2014

Not bad, but not what I needed ultimately...
I need something a little more involved than just a storefront website. Thanks for the trial run, though!
Created By: semaphorian-classic-games
On: Apr 25, 2014

no make an offer
I was happy with the software but couldn't keep it because of that. it only shows buy.
Created By: videogamesusa
On: Apr 21, 2014

Great look and feel...
Best out there for ebay. Canceling because I am moving to eCommerce and no longer need this great inexpensive product...
Created By: savemore4sure
On: Apr 20, 2014

For the price, there's not many options. However, it is somewhat of an improvement
For the price, there's not many options as to what you can do. However, it is somewhat of an improvement.
Created By: tacticalboutique
On: Apr 19, 2014

It was so easy. I love it!
My sales were down so I'm trying this and I love it! Thank You!
Created By: bar59567
On: Apr 17, 2014

Overall I am really satisfied with this application.
There are a few difficulties on setting up some of the store information, logos and etc. I didn't know until I received an email after sending an email asking for help that I had to go into something called "My Old Store" rather than the "New Store". Since I never had an "Old Store" I had no clue that I needed to go there. The staff was very prompt however in responding to my emails and helping me out. So far I am very pleased with what I see!
Created By: treasuresunlimited35
On: Apr 16, 2014

Great Store Look
This is exatly what I needed!
Created By: soundcontrolproducts
On: Apr 12, 2014

it sucked
paying for something I wasn't using
Created By: traydon123
On: Apr 07, 2014

awesone app
i love it
Created By: copperfurnish
On: Apr 06, 2014

Great at first but not reliable
It's a great and easy way to make a store front stand out, but too much downtime. Seems at least once a week the store items won't load. It just keep thinking... Some key features missing such as category specific links (I cannot send my customers a link to all the store items within a particular category). The contact us page never worked for our customers. Good product but needs improvement.
Created By: vipproductsonline
On: Apr 06, 2014

Great product. Excellent results.
Made making a professional looking store a breeze.
Created By: sshockley
On: Apr 05, 2014

Best on eBay...Great price...
Fast shipping, great buy, great seller!!!
Created By: juststuff4sale2011
On: Apr 05, 2014

Really like Storefront Pro, easy to use, looks good!
Really like Storefront Pro, easy to use, looks good!
Created By: a_southern_belles_boutique
On: Apr 01, 2014

Great-looking storefront page that makes your images "pop".
Sets up in a couple of minutes...changes easily made.
Created By: whitemtnhowdy
On: Mar 30, 2014

it made my store look great and professional
loved how it displayed my items
Created By: stuffseller451
On: Mar 30, 2014

Easy to use, and very clean designs
I found this app to be easy to use and the design templates clean and uncluttered. I have a couple suggestions which I will forward to the provider
Created By: oldtoystoreusa
On: Mar 26, 2014

Easy to use and set-up.
Simple, straight forward and easy to use.
Created By: ezpickn
On: Mar 20, 2014

Supah !!!
Great Features, all info clear and well designed.
Created By: highyouarehere
On: Mar 20, 2014

Storefront Pro made my eBay store pages beautiful.
I really like how the images of my items for sale are featured on the pages. It looks professional.
Created By: releidichroics
On: Mar 18, 2014

easy and awesome!
love love love it.. made life easier!!!
Created By: madamesclosetboutique
On: Mar 16, 2014

It look very nice but buyer cannot see your store front unless they know the store front URL.
It look very nice but buyer cannot see your store front unless they know the store front URL and the pricing says it only charges $4.99 a month but it charged me $7.98 and when i asked ebay about the charge ebay says because the charge only shows on paypal and does not show on my ebay invoice that they can not help me so I am canceling my Storefront pro right now...
Created By: allyoza
On: Mar 16, 2014

This is a great feature on E-Bay. Takes care of business and fact finding.
It's such a great tool to have if you want to know in greater detail how your Business is doing. Has complete listing on everything business in my Store and makes things so easy to work with. Thanks for making this available to sellers.
Created By: marilynjmiller01
On: Mar 12, 2014

Very Un-Happy
Was having problems with app not working...would show all items in store but when you clicked on item from store it brought up a page that said item not found or was moved or has been more than 90 days...wrote company about problem and never got a response...dont waste your time with this app because you will lose sales using it as your customers wont be able to get to your products using this app...switched back to ebay standard store and all links work.
Created By: lazygirlsclub1
On: Mar 09, 2014

great storefront
best graphics
Created By: karlaeign
On: Mar 06, 2014

Tried Canceling and removed my store completely...was done over 24 hours so resubscribed
Forced to resubscribe otherwise my store would be down entire weekend, then resubscribe just to see it won't let me change theme, even after pressing shift and reload.....not happy with service, called ebay and they say takes at least 24hr for someone to look into it.
Created By: mellstradingco
On: Mar 02, 2014

Very happy with the application
Very happy with the application
Created By: sugroupinc
On: Mar 01, 2014

A Fresh Breath To Your Ebay Store
This app is one of my favorites. The variety of choices to choose from and professional looks definitely help buyers make the decision whether to purchase something from you or not.
Created By: allclutchsystem
On: Feb 28, 2014

Great App. Cost effective way to post a URL and show/addvertise all your items on other sites
My sales have increased nicely since I started using this app and much more cost friendly than having actual store A++ App.
Created By: donecommerce
On: Feb 28, 2014

Pretty store - easy to setup
Also I did redirect my domain name and now people just have to type in spaceyhost.biz to see my store. this is better than the regular magento ebay store that limits how much google can index.
Created By: spaceyhost
On: Feb 27, 2014

Store search don't work
Store search don't work
Created By: homefashiondesign
On: Feb 26, 2014

Silent workhorse always wrangling repeat sales
If you don't have a lot of time or even if you do, why not have an automatic advertising team working for you!? I think this app is why we are silver power sellers.
Created By: dnashopper
On: Feb 26, 2014

Great looking presentation
By using Storefront Pro, it makes your ebay store stand out from the others. Easy to customize and great looking finished look.
Created By: solidcopperjewelry
On: Feb 26, 2014

Great store, not compatible with ebay....
I really enjoyed this application, but my store kept disconnecting and appeared to be "closed' - for days the store would not be accessible. After two conversations and credits with ebay, I gave up... ebay does not suggest using this application.
Created By: shelleybytheseastore
On: Feb 25, 2014

Love the layout and look!!
Best value!
Created By: princesfelica
On: Feb 25, 2014

looks nice, but looks can be deceiving
Quick to bill my paypal acct but when having problems you can hardly get help. my 7 day trial lasted 2 days for the rest of the days could not log on to there site or manage the app. days later they were back online and their logo change. They did not admit to the issues. Not even a minute after the 7 days they dip in my acct. After waiting for response 2 days via email back and forth, they offer me 30 day free, I cancel my sub, yet they still sitting on my money.
Created By: premierwaysolutions
On: Feb 24, 2014

Great app makes my store page look much cleaner and professional.
thanks for creating such a great app
Created By: mystic_andara
On: Feb 24, 2014

great product. store has a nice look now. cant beat the price.
how can you beat the price? our store looks really nice. so easy to use too! i have paid bigger bucks for a storefront before that wasnt half as nice looking as storefront pro. way to go guys! pat/sandy
Created By: bseauctions
On: Feb 23, 2014

Takes forever to open or ever open.
Created By: searchrescuedtreasures
On: Feb 22, 2014

For the money, it is the best app you will find
I've had no issues or bugs. It looks and works very simple and clean. I have no complaints and for the money you cannot go wrong. I would highly recommend this app over the other one that is available. I tried both, this one had no bugs and looked more professional.
Created By: instapricez
On: Feb 22, 2014

not worth a paying for.
Its sucks!!!
Created By: dannysoriginalcustoms
On: Feb 20, 2014

Love it Thanks
Created By: sellerofoddnends
On: Feb 19, 2014

Our store looks so much better now.
Our website was okay prior to storefront Pro, but after it looks incredible. We didn't have the tools to build a store the way they did and it only took a few minutes.
Created By: monkey-bar-storage
On: Feb 17, 2014

Can't modify enough
Cant add in the header change around enough.
Created By: travelintheresa
On: Feb 16, 2014

i love it. very well displayed
it went very well. very well put together. im in awe. God is good!!!
Created By: rusty767russell
On: Feb 16, 2014

Created By: 200905chevy
On: Feb 11, 2014

Easy App, looks better than just a regular store. 4 stars, I would pay a little more for something a little more complex.
Created By: zaynkiller
On: Feb 10, 2014

Nice look!
Very simple! I like it.
Created By: searchandresucedtreasures
On: Feb 10, 2014

so far everything is a breeze
very simple and fast to set up
Created By: samm5195
On: Feb 07, 2014

Love it!
Easy to use and edit and makes my Ebay store look so much more professional!
Created By: marchantbrian
On: Feb 06, 2014

Nice look but no extra features
for the price its not worth it. header and ending soon are nice. lost some of the good store navigation like subcategories using this
Created By: yourdollscloset
On: Jan 31, 2014

easy to use!
looks nice and its easy to set it up!
Created By: payless-auto-parts
On: Jan 30, 2014

Good Design - Not All the Features I Wanted
Was able to create a great design for my ebay store, however, there are minimal editing tools, and it does NOT show 3rd level drop downs in the menu which I need for my business. I contacted the developer and he told me that 3rd levels were not included for design purposes. I inquired some more and he never responded. Dropping this program.
Created By: divineoutlet
On: Jan 28, 2014

It is simple, easy to use and very Professional
Easy Set up for a Professional look
Created By: simplepleasantthingsantiqueshoppe
On: Jan 28, 2014

It works great and user friendly
Need to be have more space to say something about the store or the business. Everything too simplified, gotta have more options to make it better.
Created By: automotive-solutions-online
On: Jan 27, 2014

Was disappointed
I really thought It changed how my page would appear on ebay, not on a separate link...
Created By: brrights
On: Jan 26, 2014

storefront pro
i was looking for a better way to get my product seen threw many ways on ebay when i came across this app right here and took a chance on how i would like to display my items so far so good and i give this app 5stars thank you.
Created By: bk187
On: Jan 25, 2014

Very easy! It really only took seconds to do.
Created By: rockymountainhiddentreasures
On: Jan 25, 2014

mis reciew but gets my 5 stars
wish it had more templates kinda week in that department for what they charge but what they do have is outstanding better by far than a lot of others and a no brainier to set up. good job just add a few more templates.Even with out them that it is truly worthy of 5 stars.
Created By: aquaseagreenorganics
On: Jan 24, 2014

A very nice upgrade to the stock version that eBay provides.
Created By: wrengle295
On: Jan 23, 2014

Easy and inexpensive way to obtain professional look!
you cannot beat the ease of use or the cost of this service; I only wish I had known of it sooner!
Created By: p2875
On: Jan 23, 2014

Super easy to use
Super easy to use
Created By: signaturesalestlwllc
On: Jan 23, 2014

Looks great and piece o' cake to use.
This app literally takes a few minutes to set-up and gives a much more professional look to your eBay storefront.
Created By: trader_chris
On: Jan 23, 2014

Very happy with the app
I have fount the App very useful. Give a pro look to my front store. Very easy to change the theme. RECOMMENDED
Created By: wedoart
On: Jan 23, 2014

Quality Product That Adds a Polished Appearance to Your Store Page
I am very cautious about giving feedbacks on apps as a general rule...many feedbacks that you see are given immediately after the individual begins the product, and that can be very misleading. I've also noticed that many of the feedbacks are given by individuals with low feedback scores indicating to me their lack of experience, at least to me. With this said, I have been using this product for 4 months now without any issues. I am very satisfied with the appearance of my store. The App in my opinion provides a polished appearance that makes potential customers feel like they are working with a professional. Only draw back is that I would like to see more themes and setting choices. However, the current inventory of options is sufficient for a basic polished look and feel. This is the only reason I gave this App a 4/5 stars. Again, I am very cautious about feedbacks and usually like to take some time in testing and trying them before I would even venture to make a comment.
Created By: superiorestatefinds
On: Jan 20, 2014

Great storefront and easy to use!
Looks great! So easy to set up and edit to match my taste!
Created By: accentshomedesigns
On: Jan 18, 2014

Very Nice!
Love the details of the Storefront and the offers it provides for an easy experience!
Created By: butterflybreeze2010
On: Jan 13, 2014

very pleased with store front.for the price it is great,but i would like to see more themes added.thank you
Created By: beachbabeky
On: Jan 11, 2014

good start for seller
Created By: skittle113
On: Jan 09, 2014

not for me--Support Please REMOVE the application!!
super easy to install yet the search box did not work and i think theres only 9 templates-for a paid service i would expect a lot more choices. I cancelled the service yesterday and 24 hrs later their storefront design is still showing and when i click on "contact support" nothing shows up for me to contact anyone
Created By: sweetsurprises4all
On: Jan 09, 2014

so far so good....
i just got the store front app up and running and i love the ease of everything. i don't have to drag and drop or copy and paste, which by the way i hate to do!!!! it is really pretty and i can change as often as i want. i think this was a good choice so far. i will let you know after my trial period is over, but all in all very easy to use. i am anticipating a great increase in sales...
Created By: sonshinehighendjeans2013
On: Jan 07, 2014

Easy to use
Created By: mitchells-motors-n-more-online
On: Dec 31, 2013

Store looks GREAT
Store Looks Great! Hopefully the new look increases our sales www.fsvisionco.com
Created By: fsvision
On: Dec 30, 2013

Great app!
Very professional. Love being able to change the header with the seasons! Storefront Pro was quick to reply to my questions. I like the app very much.
Created By: m.fashions
On: Dec 29, 2013

dont see these apps i am bing charged for are useless! trans mang thought for transpotation -it cant
be could not even get mailing label earlier in month way to manage, Please send me email to cancel all with ebay and, or all applications relating with this account. Less bull other sites, sold more on Craig's please note are you joking? Just trying to sale apps.seems you all to busy to sell my stuff due to busy trying to get me to buy some thing I really do not need, So all MY TIME is spent trying to research and verify anything but a lot of runaround.
Created By: mkb044
On: Dec 25, 2013

Quick and easy. Looks professional
Needs more templates to choose from. Very basic backround choices. Wish I could choose my own color theme as well. But Overall a decent app. so far. Only shows up when someone enters your store. Wish it could be integrated into the listing.
Created By: conniesresaleshop
On: Dec 23, 2013

Looks great when in the store, but does not carry over into standard Ebay listings.
App was easy to use and navigate. It took under 5 minutes to change the look of my entire store. Only downside is that changes can only be seen when in the store. Looking at a listing through Ebay does not show the changes to the layout. Gret app just needs some fine tuning.
Created By: davis_21_98
On: Dec 22, 2013

Great App to Make Your Store Stand Out
I use the Storefront Pro app on my eBay store. The app is very easy to use and makes your store page stand out and look professional. I highly recommend this app!
Created By: donnaksaffordablecloset
On: Dec 21, 2013

Love the way it looks
Just got this app. I love the new look for my store and have received positive feedback from people regarding this so all is good thank you for creating it:)
Created By: suew8629
On: Dec 19, 2013

love it!
This app gives your store a professional look! Easy to use. A+
Created By: sqoneofakind
On: Dec 19, 2013

Great touch for my ebay store. Highly recommend
Not only did this app dress up and organize my ebay store but made it simple to put items " on sale".
Created By: woodmetalglass05
On: Dec 18, 2013

Great app
Easy to use app , many option and friendly GUI
Created By: goodsclass
On: Dec 18, 2013

Great look but wish there was more options with this app
This has a great look, you just can't get much information from this app. You have no ideal of traffic count, it does not actually show up on the web as a store front. Just wish there was some added features and would then I would really like this!
Created By: salinet11
On: Dec 18, 2013

It beats me having to Load items to a separate website. Cant beat the price-
Much cleaner and professional looking than anything I could have put together myself. I say it could use a counter some where on it to show how many visits it gets on its own. Thank you.
Created By: rightpricebuynow
On: Dec 18, 2013

i dont see a storefront on my page, looks like any normal e bay ad not a storefront , i do not needg
i have same e bay look as i did day i started i see no store like front on any of my ads , please explain to me what this is even for please?
Created By: dphilips-us
On: Dec 18, 2013

Good basic storefront
If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the ebay storefront, this is a pretty good deal. Visually it's a very clean, professional look and a nice point of difference from the ebay storefront. The downsides are limited choices of storefront looks, and also if you run a sale, the items do not show up on the storefront page with the sale "burst" logo on them, like on the ebay storefront. This is kind of a bummer, because customers just visiting the store home page won't know there are items on sale. Nor is there any space on the home page where it would allow you to promote your sale or other items. Other than that I'd say it's a good value if you want to stand out a bit from the crowd, and give your store a little "facelift"
Created By: andnowforsomethingcompletelydifferent1
On: Dec 18, 2013

My store front looks soooooooooo good!I have been getting a lot of compliments from returning customers!I feel so good every time that I click on my store front.It looks so beautiful,professional,and it is customized just the way I want it!A PLUS!!!!
Created By: pantherestates
On: Dec 18, 2013

Excellent !
Great application in a reasonable fee. Extraordinary customer service and friendly communication. Good to see that it keeps getting better with time. A+
Created By: solidus-prints
On: Dec 18, 2013

Good product, but not enough flexibility.
I miss having access to my specific storefront pages. It works great for a starter store to give a more professional look. I will come back if they offer more templates and more flexibility.
Created By: 5150sarge
On: Dec 18, 2013

Nice App
Works great for a great price.
Created By: vacuum_cleaner_market
On: Dec 18, 2013

*Excellent application! Highly recommend to any store owner!
I highly recommend Storefrontpro to any store owner. This is an easy to use set up that has multiple store front options to choose from. It enables anyone to have a professional looking store in minutes to showcase their products. The finished design is beautiful, functional, and promotes ease of shopping to customers and new customer interest.
Created By: lacquerqueenpolish
On: Dec 18, 2013

Very easy and works GREAT!
I am very happy with my Storefront Pro!
Created By: autigermania2001
On: Dec 17, 2013

i wish there were more templates.
Created By: qualtag
On: Dec 17, 2013

This is a terrific storefront app.
Easy to use and looks super fantastic. Extremely quick setup. Low cost that can't be beat.
Created By: usedcamerastuff
On: Dec 17, 2013

Great product!!! Improves your storefront very easily.
Helps the customer see more of your products for sell easier and faster. Excellent app would advise any small business or individual selling to use.
Created By: americanmadeonly
On: Dec 17, 2013

I like this app it is easy and professional looking.
Created By: thorsonlineoutlet
On: Dec 15, 2013

great store
give extra reviews on my items .
Created By: luckymatt
On: Dec 09, 2013

poor selection of layout options
Cancelled this app and can't even figure out how to turn it off. BullSh--!
Created By: arizonadrumshop
On: Dec 06, 2013

Works great
Does what it says!
Created By: sell-it-now-industries
On: Dec 06, 2013

Canceled, then had to re-subscribe to get the template out of my store cost me $7.50. Does not show discounts if you run store sales
Created By: auctions45410
On: Dec 04, 2013

Very easy to set up. Makes my store front look great.
Easy to use the header and logos they provide. Also very easy to use your own.
Created By: atouchofeverythingmam
On: Dec 04, 2013

Good App 2-Reasons: 1) if have EBAY STORE already..
2 reasons: #1) You have an ebay store subscription #2) You direct people to your unique Storefront Pro page link-(that they give you) BUT Since NO LINKS TO LISTINGS wo store sub -use is limited to enhancement of 'ebay stores'. Improved styled home page is easy set up
Created By: ezeride
On: Dec 02, 2013

This is an AMAZING program!!! I love it.
In the past, I played around with several store front programs and used them. I will admit, this store front program is the best I have ever used. It is INCREDIBLE!!! Just have to have patience using two screens. The second window, I used to check my changes. http://stores.ebay.com/danscindysuestreasures/ It is worth the money.
Created By: danscindysuestreasures
On: Nov 28, 2013

Great Customer Service
John Wheeler has gone out of way to help me get the store sit up correctly even when I made the dumb mistakes. I believe that since I have been using this my sales has gone up. Everyone that sees it loves it.
Created By: scarolinapickers
On: Nov 26, 2013

Created By: renu_clothing
On: Nov 26, 2013

Very good app
Created By: worldwidejoys
On: Nov 15, 2013

Not sure what it does !
I'm not sure if I used it right but, the only difference I seen in my listings were a small sign type area above the listing that I could put a custom logo or sign in. Like I said I may not have used it right seems like it should be a free application to me.
Created By: jesarko
On: Nov 15, 2013

Impressive but non-effective
This is a very nice app for your Store. It works well but there are some drawbacks. #1 You only have two color choices for text, black or white. The Header designs are practically worthless as only one or two really use anything that will catch the customers eye. I could suggest they develop something like Google themes were there is at least a good choice. Perhaps even a few limited animated headers backgrounds?? (Snow Falling , Leaves Falling, Rain, a bright sunny day with say a breeze moving the trees in the background. My sales have decreased using this program and if it doesn't turnaround soon I will just have to drop it entirely! And I had such high hopes for this attractive application, but I don't have any more.
Created By: pauln6971
On: Oct 27, 2013

Nothing better than the default ebay futures, just better esthetics
Need to redirect the customer to another address. Just better esthetics. Nothing better than the default ebay futures.
Created By: bolathrift
On: Oct 26, 2013

Very good application!
The application is very good, make my store look much better. And the customer service is very good. Respond very fast and very details. Also help solve a problem that not belong them. I just want to say "thank you".
Created By: fashionminimall
On: Oct 26, 2013

Unlike webstore, storefront pro only go as far as category, when you click on a item it give you the eBay page. and there are no links on my auctions to take my costumers to my store. Without that link you may as well not have a store. Althou unlike webstore this ap does have a wide veriaty of templates to choose from, so that's good
Created By: futervest
On: Oct 24, 2013

Couldn't be more pleased
When I was first setting up my storefront.pro I ran into some issues. I sent and e-mail to support and since it was late on a friday I didn't expect to get a reply until the first of the week. Not only did they reply (6 times) but I was up and running like an olypian on Sunday. Best customer service EVER.. I highly recommend this app to anyone. It has increased sales and once you set it up, never have to even think about it anymore. I give them an A+ to infinity
Created By: dhtackett
On: Oct 23, 2013

VERY VERY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Created By: yourtoydetectives
On: Oct 16, 2013

Makes baoring ebay store look like a pro website! Awesome
Take the boring out of the old eBay stores look and upgrade for a small monthly fee...trust me...it is worth it.
Created By: thegreatshoppingplace
On: Oct 14, 2013

Awesome for ebay stores
Created By: thorsoutletandeyeweat
On: Oct 06, 2013

A few simple easy clicks and a beautiful new store front that is interactive and enticing. It's only been about 10 minutes and I'm already happy with the change!!! Seriously for $5/mo - this is a great app!
Created By: brownsllc2011
On: Oct 05, 2013

Very Good fro the money
Could not ask for more for the money it cost but I do wish we had ability to add more custom links to the side bar on the store front. They are at the top of the listing page like it be at both places.
Created By: jerry7661
On: Oct 01, 2013

Love the store front application,very satisfied
Created By: sjenks6236
On: Sep 30, 2013

A Must Have App!
Easy set up, major impact! Thank you!
Created By: clearvaluedeals
On: Sep 29, 2013

This app has me looking like a pro
Thank you so much. This app has gave my eBay store an amazing face-lift. Works perfectly. I was having some trouble with my eBay store theme leaving a header above my storefront header. It was a quick fix. All I had to do was select an eBay store theme that had "custom headers only" and I was done. I simply left the header blank and now my storefront header is my header. I also sell adult items and I noticed these items were not appearing in the storefront. I was so impressed with the look of my new store I simply removed my adult categories from the store.
Created By: shane_oregontraildeals
On: Sep 29, 2013

really cleans up your store
Created By: thorseyewear
On: Sep 25, 2013

Great App - My store looks so professional
This is a great app. It's easy to use and really makes your store look great. I emailed customer service with a question and they got back to me super fast.
Created By: kitelectric2012
On: Sep 24, 2013

Love Store Front
Love the ability to add a custom header and customize other things. Great layout! So much better then eBay store front look.
Created By: hometooutdoors
On: Sep 24, 2013

love it!!
works perfectly!!!
Created By: bambini-boutique
On: Sep 19, 2013

Great Customer Service!!!
I had a question regarding this application. I thought it would be a couple days before I would get a note back. Within 1 hour or less, I received a personal call from the owner to make sure I understood my question. I highly recommend this app for Quality, and Terrific Customer Service. Thank you John for going out of your way for me today! You're the Bomb!!!!
Created By: lillucylulus2
On: Sep 13, 2013

Love the Designing Features!
I Love this easy to use great application now to just get a few things worked out like making this the main thing everyone sees and not the old design. I guess that I somehow need to fix the link to go to my newly deigned storefront pro page at http://faithfully-be-dazzled-treasures.storefrontpro.com/ but for some reason I can't get this to be the default design. also the application needs to offer links to add to favorite sellers list, newsletters, and emails subscriptions. other then these issues it ROCKS!
Created By: faithfully-be-dazzled-treasures
On: Sep 07, 2013

This App. makes your eBay Store look very professional at a very low price.
Hello John, When I launching your newly revised program I was shocked when I saw how professional it made my eBay Store look. And I should know after been in business for 33 years. It was so easy to setup even an old fart like me could do it. Thank you for giving my eBay Store a new needed face lift. I have no doubt this is going to increase sales. My hats off to you John Wheeler. Dave Pokorny, BigDavesYardSale
Created By: bigdavesyardsale
On: Sep 06, 2013

Created By: sellerpro79
On: Sep 05, 2013

Created By: ryansmisfittoys
On: Sep 05, 2013

I have tried twice to make this work and it want. First I did the free trial
it did not work, I cancelled it. I tried again 5 minutes ago and hit start and same thing, nothing happened. Dont have time to waste on apps like this.
Created By: bbshandmadecreations
On: Sep 05, 2013

What an excellent, easy
I subscribed to this app for the incredibly low fee (it is worth well more!) and as a person with little technical skill, I was able to set this up in no time. It couldn't be any simpler and the result was fabulous! I have just purchased a domain and website for my business
Created By: el-fashionboutique
On: Sep 01, 2013

Professionally designed store front with a few clicks
I find this app very simple to use and with the latest feature added; the ability to customize the header with your branding, a perfect professional look for my eBay storefront. It looks great on mobile and is overall a nicely developed app that is dependable, very affordable, and easy to use. You can get a professional look without spending a fortune! Great job!
Created By: sassnscooter
On: Aug 21, 2013

Great app! Gives your store a professional look!
Works perfect with Domain 4 My Store app. Developer is very helpful and will keep you abreast of updates and changes. Try it at HistoricPaperCompany.com.
Created By: historicpapercompany
On: Aug 19, 2013

Easy to setup, Professional look outstanding
Easy to use application
Created By: czse5111
On: Aug 19, 2013

App is great! Does exactly what it states. I found a couple of the complaining reviews funny, since I found no issues with the app. For 99 cents a month, and a steal at that price, there should be no complaints for a nice and easy to use store app. Well you can't please everyone, especially some of those picky idiots on ebay...lol. Keep up the great work!
Created By: jackssurplus4all
On: Aug 15, 2013

The application is very user friendly, presents a clean product display for the buyer. John the developer, is very responsive to the user community providing quick resolutions to concerns and very responsive to requested enhancements. His latest enhancement allows for you to "brand" your header with your own personal header providing for continuity throughout the Internet. I would categorize John and the application with a 5 star rating across the board - not only for a great application, but for his responsiveness to the user community. GREAT JOB!
Created By: texashauntedhousecollectibles
On: Aug 15, 2013

Great App, hope it helps grow my online business
It was simple and easy, click a button and it starts up. Waiting to see if it helps my business with another online placement. Thank you for your app.
Created By: airplanegirl_2000
On: Aug 13, 2013

Excellent, but could use more customization.
A great value and much appreciated. It would be even better if text portions could be more customized in the future, for example the page title should be the name of the eBay store. Customization of font colors would be also nice and simple html tags on the about page, such as 'u' or 'b'. I'd love to customize "welcome to my store"... Overall this is really great and I hope that overtime some features will be added and refined.
Created By: pola-pixs.photo
On: Aug 11, 2013

The application is fantastic and exceeded my expectations, John the developer, is phenomenal! It was late Saturday afternoon when I signed up, but had a few questions and sent an email via the messaging system on the application. Surprisingly, John called me back w/i 5 minutes, answered all of my questions AND also told me he was working on an enhancement users had requested. The application was very easy to navigate through giving you step by step instructions. It was very easy to test out different themes and logos. The "About" section provides a user friendly snapshot so potential customers can reach you easily. Overall this is a strong 5 rating (I would give it higher if I could) based upon the menu driven ease of use, product versatility and EXTREMELY STRONG END USER SUPPORT BY THE DEVELOPER. I wish I had seen this application prior to getting a separate WEB site and developing my new storefront myself. It would have saved me not only time but money. Well done John!
Created By: earthwindfiremagick
On: Aug 10, 2013

Just found the best way to get a storefront for ebay. Check it out
Not, only is the outline already created, all I have to do is apply the the information pertaining to my Brand and the rest syncs up with my listings that already listed. Straight up, lucked out, and found storefront, because I didn't know what I was going to do about making a store of my own that I can be proud enough to list my items on. Do your self a favor and get what you need to succeed. That easy, plus its only .99 cents a month after free 7 day trial. Cant beat that...
Created By: bgennusa
On: Aug 10, 2013

This app is a great alternative to an ebay store if cost is an issue. It's very basic and to the point. Current price of 99 cents per month is a big plus.
Created By: buttoncraftersusa
On: Aug 09, 2013

The Best Storefront APP On E-Bay
This app is absolutely AWESOME! Your current E-Bay store changes totally into a real WEBSITE. John has done an excellent job in making this app. He gives you a really nice selection of templates to select from for the main site and then takes it one step further by giving you a slection of colors for the pages of the site. The best of all is that no matter what kind of store you have their is a template to suit your needs. Above all, no other app does this. When a buyer clicks on the product it takes them directly to your E-Bay listing, just can't beat that. No one else gives you technical support like John. You don't have to wait 2 or 3 days for a response. You receive one in 24 hours or less. He is really dedicated to helping his customers resolve an issue. I took it one step further by purchasing his app "Domain 4 My Store". By choosing a domain name you can advertise it any way you like. I put it on my business cards. People type in the domain and it takes them to your new store.
Created By: bully121253
On: Aug 08, 2013

You have improved the app from WebStore but stills needs More
Like how about uploading our own Banner, Able to edit the Banners with Text and images. Really go all out and include auction template. Again I say it looks good and a lot of sellers will like this. I been at this since 2007 and I have in the past purchased eBay store front page with matching template.
Created By: cncjewelry
On: Aug 08, 2013